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Author Topic: 3067 Solaris VII Open Championship  (Read 2531 times)


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3067 Solaris VII Open Championship
« on: 29 January 2015, 20:07:38 »
Solaris VII... The game world... Where modern day gladiators battle each other from the cockpits of their BattleMech.  Where novice and veteran Mechwarriors come to try their hand at fame & fortune- or go down in flames, forgotten and penniless.  Qualifying tournaments are being held for the 3067 Solaris Open Championship tournament.  Participate as a Mechwarrior gaining fame, wealth & experience as you battle your way to the top.

Over the last 4 months we ran the Solaris VII Open Championship based in the year 3067. Three qualifying tournaments (September, October and November) were held with the finale taking place on January 25th. The winner from each qualifier was guaranteed a spot in the finale with the finale 5 positions made up of those players with the highest number of kills. Players were able to purchase new 'Mechs and Special Pilot Abilities for their pilots as well as join stables and acquire sponsors. The more they played the greater they increased their fame and funds as they progressed through each qualifier.

Prizes for the finale

Our eight finalist were:
Joel – King Crab 005 (Lynch), 6 SPA
Skumm – Fafnir 5B (Lynch) 3 SPA
Mike – King Crab 005 (Starlight) 3 SPA
Hayden – King Crab 005 (Starlight) 3 SPA
Paul – Pillager 4Z (no stable) 3 SPA
Jeff – Imp 4E (Starlight) 1 SPA
Mack – Annihilator 1G (no stable)
Alan – Guillotine 8D (no stable)

The winner would be based on total kills.

The map was the Steiner Coliseum. The battlefield of the arena is largely featureless, utilizing walls that can be raised or lowered to provide variety. The different colored walls would raise or lower based on a 1D6 roll. As an added twist the walls would move at the end of the movement phase.

8 deployment hexes were evenly placed on the board. 4 on the outer edge and 4 in the center. No player had LOS to another upon the start of the game. Initiative was done with cards. For the finale the three qualifier winners were allowed to select their place in the first initiative order.


Everyone quickly began to move into position of their opponents. The players belonging to the same stables began to form up. Three for Starlight and two for Lynch with the other three being free agents. The Yellow walls dropped allowing limited fire.

Turn 2

All the walls switched opening up several fire lanes.

Turn 3

The Guillotine being the sole heavy 'Mech on board is destroyed by the combined fire power of the Annihilator and the Fafnir. The black King Crab goes down with with a hit to an ammo bin. The pilot fails his PSR sending the 'Mech crashing to the ground.

Turn 4

The black King Crab is destroyed by the black and white King Crab while combined fire from the Imp and two King Crabs severed the right leg of the black and white King Crab.

Turn 5

Turn 6

Turn 7

Turn 8

Turn 9

Turn 10

Turn 11

Turn 12

Turn 13

Turn 14

Congratulations to Joel H. for taking first place!

Final standings
1. Joel – King Crab 005
2. Skumm – Fafnir 5B
3. Paul – Pillager 4Z
4. Mack – Annihilator 1G
5. Jeff – Imp 4E
6. Hayden – King Crab 005
7. Mike – King Crab 005
8. Alan – Guillotine 8D

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Re: 3067 Solaris VII Open Championship
« Reply #1 on: 30 January 2015, 21:56:46 »
Looked like great fun.

Where did you get the Great House dice? I'd like some.
PM me if you live in Perth Western Australia and are after a game. Please!


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Re: 3067 Solaris VII Open Championship
« Reply #2 on: 03 February 2015, 11:57:18 »
Spectacular.  I do hope that Hayden enjoyed himself and that Alan wasn't too put out by going out so early.
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