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Author Topic: [Fort Worth, TX] Wolf Empire vs. Clan Hell's Horses (250ish PV) [03/09/19]  (Read 2431 times)


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Me - Wolf Empire (249 PV):
Hellbringer G (Skill 3) / 52
Savage Wolf B (Skill 3) / 63
Timber Wolf A (Skill 3) / 70
Warwolf C (Skill 3) / 64

Opponent - Clan Hell's Horses (260 PV):
Kit Fox Prime (Skill 3) / 31
Cougar Prime (Skill 3) / 37
Nova Cat B (Skill 3) / 64
Summoner C (Skill 3) / 52
Blood Asp B (Skill 3) / 76

Hell's Horses has issued a Trial of Possession for my Warwolf. The bidding was fierce, but was settled upon an understrength Heavy Star to their full strength Mixed Star.

Two large (18"+) curved hills dominated the center like the zodiac sign for Cancer. NW hill had two extra levels, and the SE hill had one. In between the hills, butted up against the crook of the NW hil, was a 3" pond. There were also woods in the NE on the hill and in the SW on flat ground.

Turn 1:
I win the initiative. We both advanced toward each other, snugging up to cover where we could as we did so.

First round of shooting saw me draw first blood, as the Hellbringer cored the Kit Fox.

Turn 2:
Opponent wins the initiative. We both continue to advance toward the center making good use of cover where we can.

Second round of shooting sees my Hellbringer get tag-teamed in the most unclanlike way, and annihilated by the Blood Asp and Nova Cat.

Turn 4:
Opponent wins the initiative. Movement becomes a bit more tactical with each of us getting certain units close in while holding others back. Summoner jumps behind the Timber Wolf.

Third round of shooting sees my Savage Wolf and Timber Wolf downed in quick order.

I requested hegira after the end of the turn.
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