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Author Topic: [Alpha Strike] RWR vs LC (2750 era)  (Read 1825 times)


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[Alpha Strike] RWR vs LC (2750 era)
« on: 05 August 2015, 09:46:46 »
Last Sunday we had our "Stammtisch" (like a regular's table) in Berlin, Germany,where RWR militia forces defended their planet against an invasion by Lyran forces which sought to gain additional planets into their fold after the Amaris coup and the subsequent SLDF action against the periphery.

Due to the good weather and many enjoying their vacation time, just two players were present, while a third person acted as gamemaster. The Lyrans were to assault the RWR lines and to occupy the RWR command center responsible for the defense of the entire planet. As the Lyrans hot-dropped with their troops in order to uphold their forward momentum, RWR forces were not able to gather all troops and units in time. Just half of the Mech units were available at the start of the scenario, but with each subsequent turn the chances for reinforcements were getting higher. The Lyrans' orders were to push forward and protect their infantry which was tasked to occupy the command center for 3 consecutive turns.

RWR forces fielded a company of mechs and some additional vehicles, while the Lyrans fielded close to 20 Mechs and some vehicles. Measured by PVs, the RWR was in the lead by some 60 points, but had to deal with less mobile units.

The outcome of the game was very interesting. The Lyrans advanced too cautiously, rather trying to minimize the damage to their Mechs. The RWR, on the contrary, gambled a lot by sending light and fast hover units along the left flank, trying to partially bind the enemy. It worked perfectly! Rather than bringing their combined mass to a frontal assault which would certainly crippled the defending RWR troops, the Lyrans chasing ghosts while RWR Alacorn assault tanks sniped the enemy positions, taking out several Mechs on their own.

Due to time contraints we had to stop at one point, at which the players agreed to go for all or nothing. Bringing all their troops to the front and out of cover, the last situation resembled a turkey shooting. Non-existing dice luck for the Lyran player resulted in an overwhelming victory for the RWR defenders, with 7 Lyran Mechs destroyed, and only 3 RWR casualities (hovers and and APC).

As the RWR player, I did not take that many pictures, but at least they provide an overview over the battlefield! Enjoy!


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Re: [Alpha Strike] RWR vs LC (2750 era)
« Reply #1 on: 05 August 2015, 12:42:40 »
Bonus points for being outside! O0

Summer also slows down our play, too. Schedules get all messed up as traveling and visiting happens while the weather is good.
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Re: [Alpha Strike] RWR vs LC (2750 era)
« Reply #2 on: 06 August 2015, 14:32:40 »
We wanted to play outside, but had to put the gaming table into the shadow of the building. Otherwise I probably would have lost due to solar activity interfering with my Mech sensors... ;D

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Re: [Alpha Strike] RWR vs LC (2750 era)
« Reply #3 on: 10 August 2015, 20:12:48 »
Good looking board!  O0
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