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Author Topic: Highlights of a Long and Bloody Battle  (Read 2163 times)


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Highlights of a Long and Bloody Battle
« on: 23 April 2011, 07:01:53 »
Not a full battle report but a bunch of highlights from a game myself and peter crowley played yesterday in Gamer's World, Dublin.

I brought in my in progress Steel Vipers force, An Assault Star and a Medium Star from the 104th Assault Cluster. Pete brought along a company of stinking Lyrans. For once the forces were evenly matched, I had 10 mechs, he had 12 and we both had roughly similar pilots. Playing on 4 maps, only 2 of which ever saw any real action, the game quickly turned into a short range slugging match in the centre of the table. Both sides suffered horrendous losses and damage but the balance eventually came down on the Lyran's side as the extra two mechs on their side weathered the attrition better.

So anyway, highlights:

First Shocking Moment of the Game

Look, I'm flanking!

So yeah I FLANKED! Not usually known for aggressive movement, I rapidly moved part of my medium star down the left flank. In the picture that would be the Linebacker, Black Lanner and Stormcrow. Little did I know how much that would pay off later on

A Brief, Yet Painful Learning Experience

I Learn Just How Much Punishment a Kingfisher Can Take

Ouch. At this stage I hadn't fired yet and with declared problems were only going to get worse...

A Brief, Yet Painful Experience

Meet my Quadriplegic Battle Cobra

So yeah, my battle cobra managed to lose both side torsos, both arms (obviously) and both legs in a round of fire...leaving a slightly battered centre torso and head to drop to the ground with a loud clunk

No Pics for This One but...

Another highlight of the game was the performance by the Star Commander for the medium star (piloting the Stormcrow B) , having pulled off the flanking manoeuvre and peppering the rear of the Lyran mechs, found himself flanked by a Starslayer and a damned Shadowhawk (The RAC on that thing was unbelievable). Anticipating his imminent demise, he offloaded an alpha strike at long range into the back of the Lyran's Zeus. The six med lasers all missed the mark and in a pique of rage he powered up the UAC 20 to double rate. A foolhardy effort to be sure (I needed 11 to hit) especially considering his heat from the energy weapon fire. He somehow managed to hit the target (I rolled a spectacular 12) with both slugs (Barely) which both (much to our amazement) impacted with the Zeus' centre torso. This left us both laughing for several minutes before we removed the now pulverised mech from the table. The Stormcrow's heat then spiked to 28 and all system's shut down.

The rest of the game was as bloody. The Viper's managing to remove more or less all of the assaults and heavies from the Lyran's force...although some took some killing. The Atlas and the Marauder took a silly amount of fire before they dropped. Eventually though the clan's firepower began to dwindle and superior numbers won the day.
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Re: Highlights of a Long and Bloody Battle
« Reply #1 on: 23 April 2011, 09:36:21 »
Looks like an amusing game.

Sorry I couldn't be about for it.

So yeah I FLANKED! Not usually known for aggressive movement
But its good to see you learning.

Hey that Kingfisher still had 2 meds left. It was totally still in the fight. :)


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Re: Highlights of a Long and Bloody Battle
« Reply #2 on: 24 April 2011, 03:01:41 »
Hey that Kingfisher still had 2 meds left. It was totally still in the fight. :)

If only you saw what happened next (it wasn't pretty) :)