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Author Topic: HYPERMIND Jan 17th 2012  (Read 1651 times)


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HYPERMIND Jan 17th 2012
« on: 19 January 2012, 07:27:53 »
The Pinnacle Guardsmen vs. 140th Striker Cluster Clan Ghost Bear

 Clan Ghost Bear held the edge with 136 total BV points in this the first wave of Operation Revival against the people of Pinnacle. The superior clan warriors all held the edge in gunnery each having a 3 for this Quick Strike game. However they only had a star of forces to bid against a Company of Pinnacle mechs.

 Round one was the only initiative win for the genetically enhanced invaders. ScrewySqrl moved his 2 lances of medium, heavy, and assault mechs into position with a few camped out behind a large boulder. I played the recon lance setting up for spotting duty.

 Next successive rounds the initiative went in favor of the defending forces which were able to damage several clan mechs with little retaliation.

 By round four gang fire had elminated the clan threat,bad gunnery roles equatated into only one loss to the IS team.

 I learned quite alot from this event as to balancing forces for future play. Thanks to those involved for a great night of quick Battletech fun.