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Author Topic: Lamenkov's Liabilities campaign report  (Read 2450 times)

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Lamenkov's Liabilities campaign report
« on: 10 February 2011, 11:48:09 »
For those who don't know, Lamenkov's Liability are a Republican independent lance which has been sent to Schedar to investigate a belligerent group of rebels or pirates.  When they first engaged the enemy, they discovered they were in fact a well-equipped and well-lead rebel force called SELF (Schedar Elightenment and Liberation Force), who've just suckered the Lance into an ambush, and now the team has to fight their way clear!

Lamenkov's Liability consists of 4 custom mechs - a Thunderbolt (represented tonight by an unseen Thunderbolt), a Karhu (represented tonight by a Dragon), a Prefect (represented tonight by a Deva), and an Osprey (represented tonight by a cicada)

the ambushing SELF forces consist of a Wolverine, a Trebuchet, a Mongoose, an Initiate, 2 Pattons, 2 Vedettes (LGR variant), 2 Harassers, and 2 Strikers (3058 upgrade).  Most of the units are 5/6.

Now, I messed up slightly as there was a weight limit on the SELF forces of 55 tons, but I thought it was 'mechs only and realised it too late.

Liability objectives are 1: to withdraw at least three mechs off the far end of the table; 2: destroy as many enemy units as possible.  The Liability also began with random pre-generated damage.

When the fight began the SELF forces deployed in a clump of woods near the middle of the map, and the Liability rushed on and begun to take potshots - the harassers were early casualties, but managed to shred the rear armour on the Prefect and Thunderbolt before they died. As the battle closed ranks the SELF forces anchored themselves around the woods, the Liability decided to swing left around the woods, drawing the Vedettes and Pattons out and around, where they fell casualty to concentrated fire (the vedettes), and infernos (the Pattons).  The Wolverine and Mongoose did sterling work as harassers, but the mongoose eventually fell to a heavy PPC shot severing the right arm and penetrating the right torso, with a transferred crit taking out the Gyro.

The Wolverine was doing very well until a failed MASC roll killed a jump jet and a foot actuator, generating a PS which it failed, and it failed another attempt to get up, eventually rising with heavy damage to the legs.  it was easy prey for the Thunderbolt, who managed to crit another leg actuator and Jump Jet (making it a 3/5/3!).

At the end of the fight, the Liability was badly shot up, but the vast majority was armour with a small amount of internal structure and no crits.  SELF managed to pull a Vedette and an Initiate with minor damage out, and a Trebuchet with heavy armour damage and one destroyed LRM 15.

and now, the photos:

a view of the battlefield

SELF forces deployed

The Liability escape one ambush only to fall into another

The first Harasser dies to a plasma rifle hit

The Mongoose and Wolverine begin a backstabbing campaign

The Osprey engages two SELF mechs

A lucky crit detonates one of the Pattons' ammo bin

The Karhu goes toe-to-toe with the SELF Trebuchet

The Ambush has turned away from the SELF forces as the battle comes to a close
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Re: Lamenkov's Liabilities campaign report
« Reply #1 on: 10 February 2011, 13:39:15 »
As i stated last time.
A very fun game despite the Gunnery.
And my lovely Osprey manged to get 3 kills in the game.

When the unit works together it's impressive. We didn't get a lot of impressive moments.