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Author Topic: Leprecon Event. Ghostbears Vs Free Rasaulhauge Republic.  (Read 2290 times)


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At the Start of the Month we had one of our Local Conventions.

A few of  us ran a demo game. And did our best to pimp Btech for all we where worth.

We got a lot of interest and handed out a fair few quickstart Rules Printouts to folks throughout the day.
And had a mostly enjoyable game of Battletech.

Swerve Pass, Spittal, September 3050
The Bear forces Chased  the fleeing Spittal Knights units Into Rutger's pass. Where the rasalhagians has set up a vibrobomb Field. When the Vibrobombs failed. The Knights fell back to their fallback position in Swerve Pass. The Bears followed them.
And using their Jumpjets for teh firstr time,Rosing out if the pass onto the ledges.
The Mech forces quickly fell.

The Ghostbears forces consisted of 140th Striker Cluster of Delta Galaxy.

Star 1                                             2 Stars of Elementals.
Thimberwolf  A 3/4  Basically an A
Thimberwolf A 2/3
Hellbringer Pr  3/2  mostly a prime
Stormcrow  3/4   LPL +MPL Combo
Summoner A  2/4 replacing the srm ammo for guass ammo.
Star 2
Executioner A2/3
Executioner A 3/4
Viper B 2/4
Viper B 3/4
Nova Prime 3/4
Star White
Summoner D
Nova  B
Koshi C
Thimberwolf S
Viper C
Star Blue
Direwolf S
Thimber wolf Pryde
Summoner  G replace the heavy laser with an er version please
Mad Dog  Mod
Warhawk Mod

The Bear Players Bid for the right to attack.
The Starting Forces

The Reserve forces

The We're in trouble Forces.

The Free Rasalhauge Forces.
They set up along the route to the Dropship.

Turn 1

The Bears Surprised the FFR Forces by coming down along the High canyons Walls.
The Defenders had set up most of their mines and traps in the lower portions of the Canyon. They only got lucky with one of the Vibromines being triggered by an Executioner.
The Stormcrow warrior bids away his Targeting computer.
Some long range fire was exchanged. Nothing major to report.
Turn 2

The Bears Right flanks focused on the troops further up the canyon.
While the Left flank focused on the forces closer to the them.
The Summoner changelled the Catapult to combat.

Turn 3

The FFR Forces attempt to stall the bears advanced by running into the rear of the right side.
The Vipers Active probe reveals one of the hidden Behemoths.
This reveal allowed the tank to plink the Vipers CT with a Floating Crit and take out the gyro. Halting the Vipers forward momentum. The Viper kills the tank  drive system in return.
The Stormcrow lays claim to the Zeus as his target.

Turn 4

The Clans find anther tank.
The Rear FRR forces decide to start leaving the area. The Jagermech loses an AC 5 to the downed Viper.
Elementals make the call not to try take down the tanks and continue.
The Wolverine goes into hiding.
The Grasshopper continues to survive despite itself.

Turn 5

The Summoner and Stormcrow continue to push on the left flank. Chasing down their targets all the while taking fire from multiple enemy units.
The Thimberwolf  gets a similar serving of punishment and ends up with an open leg. The Trebuchet screws up the attempted kick and ends up kissing rock.  But winds up the main target of the tanks on the mountainside. And finds itself toppling to the fire.

Turn 6

More Hidden tanks decide to break cover.

The Summoner and Stormcrow close. The Summoner manages to cause a shut down on the Catapult throu the use of Infenos.
The Hellbringer and the Wolverine trade shots. And the Thimberwolf fails yet again to put down the Grasshopper.
The Executioner dives into the canyon to deny some shots from the tanks and attempts to take out Trebuchet. It succeeds in removing a leg.
The Bethmoth ends the Vipers attempts at combat by removing both arms. Leaving the mech a usless Torso.
But not before he helps remove one of the new arrivals.

Turn 7

The Dragon and Jagermech do their best to get up the mountain.
Infantry pop up like flowers throughout the canyon.
The Summoner fires on the tanks in  the distance while offering the Catapult a chance to be taken bondsman.
The Hellbringer makes an impressive shot to take down the Wolverine. Ending any danger from the rear.
The Executiner pore fire over the tanks on the hillside.
While the Elementals make an Ill attempted attack on the Warhammer. It's AMS handling the missles with ease.
The ones on the Trebuchet have better results.
The Thimberwolf takes a volley of combined fire from the tanks and mechs around it. A few shots to the head end the warriors life. A cheer is sounded from the Sphereoids.
The Clan commander makes the call to bring in the reserves to deal with the units in the canyon allowing the lead elements to chase down the advance forces.

Turn 8

The Reserves enter in the same manner as those before them. Using the same paths they know to be safe

The Zeus makes a stab at killing the Executioner who has made the Warhammer his focus.
Finally breaching the armor the Stormcrow sets off the ammo within the mech.
The Catapult attempts to regain its feet and fails.

Turn 9

The Dragon makes it to the safety of the dropships guns.
The Summoner leaps away in an attempt to cool after the Catapult returns to its feet.
The Reserves drop the Grasshopper and hurt the tanks.
The Stormcrow crests the hills Setting his sights on the Jagermech.
The Pikes start making a move for the dropship.


The Stormcrow makes it to the top of the hill. And his Lasers savages a leg on the Jagermech.
Just falling short of removing the leg.
The Summoner Catapult battle comes to a head. With the Summoner criting an ammo bin on the catapult.Which had been emptied several turns ago. The Cat used the last two salvos from his missiles to core the summoners center torso. [tickedoff]
The other two Pikes get immobilised. And the Hunters make the break for the ship.

An Elemental piont shows some infantry just how dangerous they can be.
Turn 11

The Stromcrow pushes its luck and tries for the Jagermech again. The dropships fire takes a chunk of armour from it.
The Executioner attempts to stop a Hunter.  Leaving the Elementals to deal with the tanks.
The Hunter stalls when the engine gets taken out.
The Jagermech and Dragon get on the dropship and it makes prepartions for takeoff.
The Myst Lynx finishes the Warhammer. And the Hellbringer targets the Catapult.

Turn 12
With the dropship pulling out. The Bears offer the FRR a chance to surrender.
Those that refuse are going to suffer.

An Interesting chase. The spheroids did a lot better than expected. Still can't get my head about the Catapult beating the Summoner. Really should have finished it off when it was on the ground.
The clanners had some bad luck early on with the floating crit and the headcap.
But they still gave a good account of themselves. Cleaning up the fleeing mechs fairly easily.

Mech of the game:
Clan side it goes to the Hellbringer who lasted a lot longer than was expected of it.

I can hazard a guess that the Catapult will take the honor for the FFR Side.
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Re: Leprecon Event. Ghostbears Vs Free Rasaulhauge Republic.
« Reply #1 on: 15 March 2011, 23:26:56 »
I'm sorry I missed this game.

On the other hand, I'm happy to see the big display put on again. It's damn hard to ignore so much shiney.


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Re: Leprecon Event. Ghostbears Vs Free Rasaulhauge Republic.
« Reply #2 on: 16 March 2011, 07:27:52 »
yah, nice setup!


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Re: Leprecon Event. Ghostbears Vs Free Rasaulhauge Republic.
« Reply #3 on: 16 March 2011, 08:55:57 »
I'm just sorry I could only commit to one day at it.

But it was a nice display of stuff. 98% of it was Catalyst released products to show folks just how "un"dead the company is.