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Author Topic: CBWCG 5th Wolf Legion vs Mercenary Unit 6-pack  (Read 2422 times)


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CBWCG 5th Wolf Legion vs Mercenary Unit 6-pack
« on: 17 March 2011, 18:37:37 »
The Mission  ;)

System: Atocongo
Ambush the mercenaries known as the 6-pack
            WP cost: -100
            Intelligence:  ( you can spend more WP’s if you believe you need more Intel to complete the mission 50 or 100 wps)

From: Lt. Blair Taggert – Wolfnet operative.
To: Star Colonel Marko Riddick - 5th Wolf Legion
Date: Feb 26rd 3068
Hello Star Colonel Marko Riddick
   Sorry to hear about your last operation, but I have some news that might make it better.  The 6-pack is on the move and they are heading in your direction.  The last couple of weeks they have been laying low and only raiding soft targets.  I believe they were buying time to repair and recoup and are now running for a hookup with a dropship.  You know how badly the Galaxy Commander wants their heads, so this is what I have in mind.
   My men are going to shadow their movements and try to force them to cross the Tokai River at the Le Seng bridge.  This area is good for staging units for an ambush. 

Get your men ready and I’ll head them your way.   

Blair out.

The Forces:

Player Force – 5th Wolf Assault Cluster / Wolves in exile
Players – Ed (this was Ed’s Unit) Travis & Jeff
Alpha 1
Gargoyle A
Gargoyle D
Gargoyle C
Timberwolf Prime
Summoner D
Alpha 2
Gargoyle A
Gargoyle D
Gargoyle D
Ice Ferret Prime
Hellbringer Prime

Opforce – Mercenary Unit 6-Pack
Players – Ryan (Leader), Robin & Kevin
Lance 1
Gargoyle D – Unit Commander (Captured from a previous mission from the player group)
2 Musketeer Hovertanks
Battlemaster BLR-5D
Lance 2
Awesome AWS-9Q
Anubis ABS-3L
Cougar D (Captured from a previous mission from the player group)
Linebacker B (Captured from a previous mission from the player group)
Lance 3
Legacy LGC-01
Centurion CN10-B
Gurkha GUR-2G
Osiris OSR-3D

The Objectives:

Player force – Ambush the Mercenaries as they cross the bridge and river.  Points awarded for every Unit destroyed , for destroying 25%/50%/75%, Capturing the Opforce Unit Commander.
Opforce – Leave the field on the other side to escape in a dropship.

The Battle:  8)

Clan Wolf forces set up with Alpha 2 waiting on the left and Alpha 1 taking up the middle and the right.  Both lances started at the half way point on the field.
Opforce setup on the far edge with lance 1 hitting the Wolf’s left and lance 2 and 3 hitting the center. 
Lance 2 and 3 hit the river and due to some river currents modifiers were added.  Most of the mechs fell at least once some of the faster mechs ran to the bridge.  Lance 1 crossed using the bridge. 
Round 1 or 2
   Lucky head shot on the Legacy for 10 points caused two critical hits, hitting life support and sensors.  This basically made a 3/4 gunner/pilot into a 5/4 gunner/pilot. 
   The Osiris jumped across the river which landed it a poor to hit modifier and made it a tempting target.   The Wolf forces savaged its leg which turned from a 8/12/4 movement to a 4/6/4 movement.  So basically it lost it greatest asset its speed.
Round 3 and 4
   The Blitzkrieg was the first across the bridge and it looked like it was getting ready to trade Ultra AC/20 rounds with a Gargoyle C when a lucky head hit from the Linebacker’s PPC destroyed the Gargoyle’s cockpit taking it out of the game.
   Lance 1 headed over and hit Alpha 2 head on.  The Blitzkrieg traded shots, but after having all its armor over the AC20 ammo destroyed it goes running for the Dropship.  With its speed it is able to leave the field easily.  Both Musketeer hover tanks are destroyed, but do inflect a lot of damage on Alpha 2.
   Lance 2 charge the center along with the Legacy from lance 3.  The Osiris was down, but the rest of lance 3 was running around the Wolves right flank.  The Linebacker from Lance 2 also hit the right flank.
Round 5 and 6
   Awesome in its charge up the center was savaged by a pair of Gargoyles using a ridge to give them partial cover.   It wasn’t long before they took the Awesome out.
   The Linebacker, Centurion and Gurkha  attacked two Gargoyles defending the right flank.  They did some major damage to one of the Gargoyles but it cost the Mercenaries the Gurkha.
   Alpha 2 engages lance 1 the Hellbringer during one turn take s 4 engine hits and 4 gyro hits, completely destroying the mech.  Really good critical rolls by Ryan.
Rounds 7 and 8 the mercenaries start to run for the dropship.
   The merc commander breaks off from the engagement with Alpha 2 and head for the dropship, the Anubis also tries, but is gunned down.  The Battlemaster is also brought down.
   The Linebacker, centurion and the Legacy try to break through the center.  The Legacy if brought down and so is the Centurion.  The linebacker gets through and plays hide and seek with Alpha 1’s Summoner in the forest.   The Ice Ferret trys to get behind the Linebacker but is taken down with a head shot. 
Rounds 9 and 10
The Linebacker makes a run for the edge, but it taken down 2 hexes from its goal.  The Merc Commander also makes a run for the edge but he is successful.

Ed’s force was able to achieve 3 out of 4 mission objectives.  He was able to recapture 2 of the 3 mechs that the merc unit took from him during his last mission.  So for Ed’s Unit a very good victory, but costly.  3 pilots killed and one mech destroyed beyond salvage (Hellbringer).  But with the salvage and WP points gained Ed was able to bring his Unit back up to full strength.
The 6-pack is loosely based off of the Merc Unit mentioned in Michael Stackpole’s book “Wolfpack”.

THe Pictures:  [rockon]

Link for the pictures
Kevin B
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Re: CBWCG 5th Wolf Legion vs Mercenary Unit 6-pack
« Reply #1 on: 17 March 2011, 19:45:58 »
That is a hell of a lot of Man o Wars on a single table.

Thanks for sharing.
Shall give the pics a gander when I'm not in work.

Also Stackpole didn't write Wolfpack.
I believe it was Charrette.

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Re: CBWCG 5th Wolf Legion vs Mercenary Unit 6-pack
« Reply #2 on: 18 March 2011, 07:13:17 »
Just using the 4th Wolf Guards as an example.