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Author Topic: Objective Alpha Post added  (Read 2899 times)


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Objective Alpha Post added
« on: 11 April 2011, 22:13:26 »
Three elements are asked to prove if units from different nations and philosophies can work together as a unit.  The difficulty of a major operation may hinge on what is found a jump away from the objective and whether it can be neutralized....

The log of the Lyran Alliance liaison officer, 12th Joint Operations Command, location redacted....

(See below for Alpha Objective Ops)

Day 2 730904 0700ST
Last night we were able to assign units to operational commands, lance, star, whatever….
Day’s Operational Assignments:

*= mission group command
**=Company/”Trinary” Command
***=Ops Command
Operational Command: Occupy Science Station “Alpha”
ETA Objective, 730904 1100

Linebacker (2nd)
Epona 3 (WiE)
Epona 4 (WiE)
Marauder (MC)*
Warhamer (MC)
Shadowcat (2nd)

North Recon/Technical Force:
Point 2 Elementals (WiE)
MC Engineers (MC)
MC Badger 1 (MC)
MC Badger 2 (MC)
Adder (WiE)
Executioner (2nd)
Fire Moth (2nd)

Long Range Patrol: ETA Objective, 730909, 1200

South Advanced Patrol:
Assigned Ops: Recon South Rim Science Station #

Barghest (WiE)
Huntsman (WiE)*
Lightray (2nd)
Thunderbolt (2nd)
Crusader (MC)

Active Defensive Units:

MC Lead
General Perimeter Patrol
5K Atmosphere Generator/LZ

Highlander (WiE)
Huey (WiE)
Yellow Jacket 1 (MC)
Yellow Jacket 2 (MC)
Yellow Jacket 3 (MC)
Hunter 3 (2nd)

Eastern Perimeter Patrol
Eastern 20 k Perimeter Run

2nd Freemen Hollander 1 (2nd)
Packhunter (WiE)
Ursus (2nd)*
Redshift (2nd)
Ninjato (MC)

Active Reserve:

Rapid Response Freemen:
Ready Reserve: Odin’s Lantern (Union Class)

Dire Wolf (2nd) **
Elemental (2nd Thor)
Preta  (refitted with a small standard compact and painted in Freemen colors, (OM took the mini with him or I'd have a picture up.)
Malak (like wise as the Preta)
Hunter 1
Hunter 2

15th Lead: Active Standby Reserve (All Units WiE)

Hellion 2
Hellion 1
Epona 1
Epona 2

One of the WiE reserve units...

Gallery of many of the minis pictured here, I need to redo some of the gallery features but it shows my mini painting learning curve over the last six months or so.
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Re: Day 2 Operational Assignments
« Reply #1 on: 12 April 2011, 13:46:44 »
Is there a way we can combine these into one thread? Do you need a new thread for each post?
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Re: Day 2 Operational Assignments
« Reply #2 on: 13 April 2011, 16:34:45 »
Yeah, plus... these don't make sense. 


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Re: Day 2 Operational Assignments
« Reply #3 on: 14 April 2011, 00:09:45 »
Is there a way we can combine these into one thread? Do you need a new thread for each post?

If you would like...


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Re: Day 2 Operational Assignments...Alpha Objective Analysis
« Reply #4 on: 14 April 2011, 00:11:37 »
The log continues...twelve hours later.

Post Ops Alpha , 730904 1800

Operations secured objective 1115 today.  Units made contact with pirate band trying to egress from area.  Pirates encountered two lances of Mech’s and vehicles covering a Clan Anshur (in the shape you’d expect pirates to keep it in) attempting to pull out the crew disassembling our research station.  Assigned units destroyed the Anshur and a Mech we later identified as a Pre Star League Rook.   

I would have appreciated if the Anshur would have been taken down a little more neatly but it is hard to complain given the circumstances.  A couple of tons of long range missile ammo blowing less than sixty meters from the complex walls did little to help with the stations status but the pirates did most of the damage.  Of the two fusion reactors one has been almost entirely dismantled and the other’s shielding has some pretty serious holes in it.  Our tech team suggested using the Rook’s engine.  According to the team leader the engine is about all of the Mech in usable shape. 

Battery power allowed a system’s check of the stations sensor arrays.  With a little tuning they should be nominal once power is reestablished.  The team leader told me that within twenty four to thirty six hours life support should be operational.  With the rise in power signature, particularly if the sensor array is used at all in active mode, our operations here might draw unwanted attention.  I want a garrison force placed to defend the scientific stations’ perimeter.

Of the two prisoners captured only one really provided intelligence of immediate use.  The Rook pilot is really a simpleton.  The other, one of their “salvage crew” identified the pilot as their CO’s nephew.  He said the Rook was a museum piece they salvaged on world.  He did not specify from where but indicated that once it was operational the nephew was “insistent” on being assigned to it.   A few hours ago we received a message asking for terms for the nephews return.  The other has no desire to return and seems resigned to spending a few years in prison for his role in tampering with Alliance property. 

If the veracity of the intel he has provided proves out I may put in a good word for him.  Claims his unit made contact with “Com star” units from a distance near the windward rim.  I sincerely doubt they are Com Guards.  But if there is any substance to his claim it might prove to be the first indication that our suspicions about unauthorized activity on this world might have some validity.
I noted that the sensor check data indicated the pirate’s egress and a couple of anomalous signatures that cannot be easily connected to them.  I will be suggesting that the MC’s scout elements be sent to run a thirty click perimeter to the north of the station within the next twenty four hours.

Southern patrol reports no contacts and is beginning to survey a route up the rift walls towards the southern monitoring station.  Eastern patrol returned with no contacts either. 
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