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Author Topic: Mace West 3-31-12  (Read 1790 times)


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Mace West 3-31-12
« on: 31 March 2012, 19:39:58 »
Had a very good time and GM'd two games:

Jailbreak 3069 Dieron
 Hohiro Kurita breaks out of a WOB prison but is confronted by 4 Celestial Omnis (yeah I know wrong year but it works)

A lance of 2nd sword of light mechs are stopped cold by their WOB opponents even without working C3I. And Hohiro is forced back into his cell.

This game lasted about 3 hours with 2 DC mechs destroyed and 2 crippled.

Next game was a faction based grinder that used some higher tech mechs mixed in

VLK-QT2 from the Fed Suns was destroyed by a PNT 12A
The incoming CNT-D3D made quick work of the Panther after destroying it's Targeting Computer

The Kurita STN-5WB (although a WOB design) held up well and managed to scrap the Centurions' Light Gauss Rifle

Next we added a player and went straight to the assault mechs with 1/2 pilots

House Liao had a VTR-9K
Fed Suns CP-11-A
House Kurita AWS-9Q

Basically I and the Victor ganged up on the 4 PPC tote'n Awesome and in the end it was great fun. I was able to teach a new player and refresh some returning ones.

This last one went on for 4 hours even with 2/3 (early mechs) and 1/2 assault  pilots.