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Author Topic: Mech Arena  (Read 2163 times)


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Mech Arena
« on: 27 April 2011, 11:27:13 »
No pictures, and no history, so this is a bit of an odd AAR for me.
Our recent game was held April 23rd at Hangar 18 Hobbies.  It was a type of Grinder and added the April's Fools Day PowerUps rules.
The game was a free for all.  No victory conditions.  Just horsing around.
The two maps were from the Intro box set.  1x2.  One was the standard BattleTech map, the other was open forest.
Each player started with a random light battlemech.  A Valkyrie QD (3/4), a Falcon Hawk (4/4) and a Javelin 11B (2/4).  The Falcon Hawk was clearly the best duelling mech, but the poor mechwarrior skills was a problem.
The Javelin rushed up to the powerup and got homing missiles.  The Falcon Hawk then went up to it and got booby trap.
The Valkyrie then tried it and got Invisibility.
So the Javelin was peppering the Falcon Hawk trying to finish it off, and proving how ineffective only having two srm4s can be, despite the homing missiles.  The Falcon Hawk kept trying the powerup, getting the extra health before the Javelin could finish it off.
The Valkyrie used the Invisibiliyt to set up a point blank shot against the Javelin, but well...LRMs missed at point blank and the medium pulse laser isn't that scary.
I think the Falcon Hawk got another booby trap to finally kill it.  The Javelin was then crushed by it's replacement, a Daimyo 4K.
The Javelin came back with a Wraith TR2.
The Wraith went chasing after the Trebuchet and with the Daimyo's help the TBT lost both arms. But the Trebuchet got an extra health powerup to bring the arm partially back (one laser, the shoulder and upper arm).  He then got the firepower add-on for lasers, and nicknamed his one ER Medium Laser "super laser" for the rest of the game.
The Wraith was getting pounded and retreaded to the power up hoping for extra health, and got a sledgehammer.  He then won initiative the next turn and the Trebuchet was (barely) in walking range (and the lucky Daimyo exactly one hex outside of range).  The Wraith's sledgehammer crushed the center torso of the Trebuchet (60 damage, one location).  The TBT came back as a Thunderbolt 11SE.
The Wraith's sledgehammer was keeping it from getting after any body, so it went to the power up to replace it and got an energy shield. The Wraith was now without arms (and therefore no weapons) but could not be killed by weapon attacks.  The Thunderbolt and Daimyo graciously consented to kick it to death.
the Wraith came back as a Prefect 1R.
The Daimyo went for the powerup and got another booby trap.  Came back as a Warhammer 11T.
We were running out of time, so all three heavies charged at each other, but did very little damage in the two rounds of fire before time ended.

I wasn't keeping notes this time, so I may have missed something important and/or got details wrong.  The Falcon Hawk/Daimyo/Warhammer player definetely got the most kills, including killing himself with booby traps.    Extra health seemed to come up constantly, making the lights last far longer than they should have, even with their lack of firepower.  the invisibility also contributed to delaying "moving up" though not nearly as much as the extra health did.
I know the Javelin went through at least 11 rounds of ammo for each launcher, and still never killed the Falcon Hawk.
If I were to do it again, for duels, I think I'd make the extra health far less likely and make some of the rarer power ups more common.  We never got to see giant size for example. 
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Re: Mech Arena
« Reply #1 on: 01 May 2011, 22:10:22 »
This was a lot of fun and my first time playing with Power-Ups, which made things even more fun!  I agree with your comment that the healing/repair choice came up too often, and that served to delay the game, but it was still a lot of fun anyway.  If you do this one again, I think switching the repair rate is a good idea, and I would suggest adding more Power-Ups, so that it gives us a chance to move away from the area where the PU is located.  All of our fighting centered around the one PU we had on the field.

Thanks a lot for running this!
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