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Author Topic: Operation: BALOR  (Read 1118 times)


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Operation: BALOR
« on: 16 September 2014, 15:47:27 »
Here are the details of the late Star League campaign that we`re currently putting together at our local gaming club with myself playing the OPFOR SLDF forces and a couple of others playing DCMS forces.

So far, we are in the process of building forces and playing a few practice AS games before the campaign kicks off in October.  Hopefully, I should be able to keep you posted on the updates.

I`ve attached the TO&E`s of the forces involved.

Historical Background

To:  General Ekatarina Thorskilden, General 16th Army
From:  Major-General Rebecca Rhodes, Commander XXXVIth Corps
Date:  17th September 2765

In accordance with the DCMS wishes, we are finalising the proposed wargames between the 7th Sword of Light and the 59th Jump Infantry on the planet of Goito.

The DCMS requested aid in preparing their forces in Combined-Arms tactics and suggested a series of maneuvers to test their forces abilities.  Naturally, we are expecting the DCMS to pull some tricks during this and so have sent one of my premium units to demonstrate SLDF tactics. Up close and personal.

Operation:  BALOR will be commencing within the next month with the 59th combat dropping onto the planet.  They are using striker tactics to target key tactical areas as per their usual remit.  SLIC reports that the 7th Sword of Light use heavier equipment than the 59th but several Royal units have been recently delivered to the Kings Own Jump Infantry- we are sure they will prove their worth.

The planned exercise will take 2 months to complete.  A full report will be sent upon completion but updates will be forwarded when appropriate.

- Major-General Rebecca Rhodes, Commander XXXVIth Corps

Star Commander David Llywelyn, 9th Raven Striker Cluster "The Snow Hunters", 1st Nova, Alpha Galaxy

Lieutenant Robin Llywelyn, 2nd Mech Striker Company, 2nd Mech Regiment, 59th Jump Infantry Division, XXXVI Corp, Sixteenth Army


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Re: Operation: BALOR
« Reply #1 on: 16 September 2014, 22:47:40 »
I wait in anticipation for the reports. O0

Sounds like it will be fun.
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