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Author Topic: Operation BLITZKRIEG - Hamilton, ON, September 14  (Read 1337 times)


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Operation BLITZKRIEG - Hamilton, ON, September 14
« on: 21 September 2014, 22:01:57 »
Operation Blitzkrieg   
Callison, Republic Remnant
December 31, 3145

In December 3145 the Wolf Empire launched Operation BLITZKRIEG, an attack into the Republic Remnant space aimed at seizing the 5 worlds controlled by the Remnant and eliminating the thorn in their side once and for all. Beta Galaxy surged across the border in force striking at the Remnant and driving them from those worlds they protected.  Remnant forces began falling back to Callison, setting the stage for a large engagement. The wolves believed a quick strike at the Remnant command assets on Callison would end the battle quickly. However the Remnant had spent months preparing their defenses on Callison for just such a strike.

Republic Remnant Forces
Seventh Hastati Sentinels
Griffin IIC 3
Prefect 1R
Doloire 0B (Knight)
Phoenix Hawk IIC 7
Peacekeeper 1B

Third Principes Guards
Jackalope BD
Packhunter II 3
Lament 2R (Knight)
Rifleman IIC 5
Guillotine IIC 2

Wolf Empire
11th Wolf Battle Cluster
Ebon Jaguar A
Hellbringer F
Timber Wolf F
Warhawk E
Dire Wolf E
Kit Fox E
Adder Prime
Phantom H
Ice Ferret Prime
Shadow Cat A

Republic Remnant Objectives
Rough up the place. Destroy/Cripple 75% of the opponent's force. [200]
Seek and destroy! Destroy/Cripple the Commander. [100]

Wolf Empire Objectives
Identify and destroy. Locate and destroy the Remnant headquarters building.  [100]
Rough up the place. Destroy/Cripple 75% of the opponent's force (9). [200]

Special Rules
Republic Remnant - Each building is a Fortress equipped with a weapons turret. The turret is equipped with an Autocannon-10 and 2 Machine Guns. The Gunnery Skill of the buildings is 5.

Wolf Empire - Enter half of your force from your home edge at the start of the track. The remainder of the force enters from an edge perpendicular to the home edge during the Movement Phase of Turn 1D6-2.

Turn 1

Remnant forces move to position themselves between the advancing Wolf star. Light elements of the Third Principes engage and destroy the Wolf Phantom. The Pack Hunter II loses both arms and it's left torso in the exchange.

Turn 2

The second Wolf star enters from the side of the board catching the defending Remnant forces off guard. The Rifleman IIC moves into position behind the Warhawk while the Prefect moves to intercept the Ebon Jaguar and Shadow Cat. The Timber Wolf destroys the Pack Hunter while the Jackalope takes a shoot at the Timber Wolf's rear armor.

Turn 3

The Dire Wolf downs the Rifleman IIC, while the Hellbringer finishes off the Jackalople. The Prefect is dropped by an A/C20 shot to the head from the Ebon Jaguar. The Lament puts two HPPC shots through the CT of the Kit Fox. The Ice Ferret successfully identifies the Remnant HQ building.

Turn 4

The Dolire drops the Adder with a ERPPC to the head while taking a double tap from the Ebon Jaguars Ultra A/C20. The Peacekeeper fails his PSR and goes down. The combined fire from the buildings manage to damage the Hellbringers gyro ultimately causing a failed PSR. Combined fire from all the Wolf forces destroys the Remnant HQ building.

Turn 5

With the HQ destroyed the Wolf forces take one last shot at trying to eliminate the bulk of the Remnant forces. While the Remnant focus on the Timber Wolf having identified it as the Wolf commander. The Hellbringer fails his PSR to stand taking more damage and causing an ammo crit finishing himself off. The Lament finishes off the Ice Ferret with and Alpha Strike.

We called the game after Turn 5. The Wolf Empire pulled out a win by accomplishing one objective.

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