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Author Topic: Outreach Outcasts First Blooding  (Read 1116 times)


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Outreach Outcasts First Blooding
« on: 05 March 2016, 15:58:23 »
The Outreach Outcasts are a group of mercenaries that couldn't get hired on by any respectable units so they have formed their own in early 3042. Their first contract is with Hachiman Taro to head to the Free Rasalhague Republic and liberate a small factory taken by pirates. They then have to garrison it for a year with possible pirate hunting missions.

The dropship grounds in the capital city (roughly three hours travel from the factory) and they Outcasts split up. The reinforced mech lance (a Wolfhound, Panther, Wolverine 6M, Thunderbolt, Grasshopper and Warhammer 6D) all head underwater for a slow walk to the factory docks. Meanwhile the vehicle component (2 Hetzers, LRM Carrier, SRM Carrier, Patton and Schrek) travel along the coastal highway as bait, hoping to draw out the pirates. The Outcasts also deploy two scouts with a Packrat ahead of their forces to keep them abreast of what is happening.

The plan works, the pirates deploy their forces to ward off a vehicular force approaching along the highway, hoping to stop them at the long bridge. The enemy Catapult and Striker Armored Car are out in front with a Blackjack, Centurion and Jaegermech in support. The Catapult was hammered in the first round by the LRM Carrier and the Schrek, falling from a failed PSR. As it stood back up a Warhammer, Grasshopper and Thunderbolt appeared from under the waves, laying down fire and taking the Catapult out from bring flanked.

The pirate forces were completely out of position for the mechs, by the time they re-adjusted the Catapult, Striker and Centurion were gone. It was only moments later that the Blackjack was destroyed through center torso destruction and the Jaegermech fell. Instead of trying to stand the pilot signaled his surrender.

The Outcasts only sustained armor damage with the Patton taking a road wheel hit (minor motive damage). The enemy Catapult and Centurion exploded from Ammo criticals while the Blackjack is good for parts, may be able to be rebuilt. The Jaegermech is in good shape except for a hip and upper leg actuator needing replaced. The Striker is also salvageable though it will need to be hosed out thoroughly (crew kill critical).
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