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Author Topic: Mallory's World 3013: Kell Hounds vs the Second Sword of Light  (Read 1554 times)


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The Draconis Combine attacked Mallory's World with the Second Sword of Light and The Twenty-Fourth Dieron Regulars. The Federated Suns had the Seventeenth Avalon Hussars defending the planet. Prince Ian Davion responded to the invasion by deploying his own unit the Fourth Davion Guards. The Federated Suns had some success but soon the Seventeenth Avalon Hussars were in dire starits leaving the Davion Guards vulnerable. The Kell Hounds mercenary  regiment were summoned by Prince Ian Davion.
The Kell Hounds arrived too late to save the life of Prince Ian Davion, who died fighting a valiant rearguard action. The Kell Hounds were in position to prevent follow-up Kurita forces from carrying off the body of the dead prince.

   Mallory's World: 21 October 3013

   Two Open Terrain #1 map sheets placed head to head in mirror fashion. One side is north, the other is south.

   The Kell Hounds have the First Company, Second Battalion consisting of the following units:
      Assault Lance
         Crusader CRD-3R
         Warhammer WHM-6R
         JagerMech JM6-S
         Catapult CPLT-C1
      Fire Lance
        Clint CLNT-2-3T
        Vulcan VL-2T
        Enforcer ENF-4R
        Dervish DV-6M
      Recon Lance
         Jenner JR7-D
         UrbanMech UM-R60
         Javelin JVN-10N

    The Second Sword of Light sent Zakahashi's Zombies which had the following 'Mechs:
      Assault Lance
        Battlemaster BLR-1G
        Marauder MAD-3R
         Grasshopper GHR-5H
         Ostsol OTL-4R
      Support Lance
         Orion ON-1K
         Rifleman RFL-1N
         Dervish DV-6M
         Enforcer ENF-4R
      Light Lance
         Javelin JVN-10N
         Stinger STG-3R
         Locust LCT-1S
         Locust LCT-1V

    The Sword of Light deploys anywhere on the northern map 4 hexes from the northern edge.
   The Kell Hounds have their recon lance anywhere on the southern map and the other two lances arrive on the southern edge of the south map on turn 2.

NOTES: This scenario is based on To Save a Prince from the Kell Hounds sourcebook.


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Re: Mallory's World 3013: Kell Hounds vs the Second Sword of Light
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Turn 1

The Kell Hounds recon lance was hiding in the heavy woods hexes on the southern map while the Sword of Light advanced to the south.
The only unit that was hit was the Kell Hound Javelin which suffered an AC5 hit from the Rifleman.

Turn 2

The Sword of Light continued south while the Kell Hounds reinforcements moved north. The Kell Hound recon lance did not move, just hiding in the woods.
The Locust 1V lost an arm when the UrbanMech hit it with an AC10.

Turn 3

The Locust 1V ran back north after it lost its arm.
The Battlemaster is targeted by the Kell Hound Clint, JagerMech, Valkyrie, Vulcan, Catapult, and Dervish. All that concentrated fire results in two engine hits.
The Kell Hounds Clint gets hit by 2 large lasers and the UrbanMech lives a charmed life after 4 heavy Kurita 'mechs fire and miss.

Turn 4

The Kell Hounds and Sword of Light close, with the Kell Hounds in the rear of Ostsol and Battlemaster.
The Sword of Light Rifleman lost its left arm and the Ostsol suffers 3 critical hits (Medium laser, engine, and gyro) from the Javelin. The Ostsol remains standing
The Kell Hounds Vulcan has its center torso cleaned off by the Grasshopper and suffers agyro hit. The Vulcan remains standing. The Kell Hound Enforcer suffers enough damage to fall forward.
In the physical attack phase the Battlemaster is pushed off the map by the Clint and Vulcan.
The Vulcan has its left leg kicked off by the Battlemaster and Grasshopper.
The Ostsol is kicked by the Javelin and dies when it suffers additional critical hits on its engines after it falls.
The Crusader attemtped to kick the Ostsol but missed and fell.

Turn 5

A furball continues on the east side. The Rifleman is shot in the rear by the Kell Hound Enforcer and suffers a gyro and engine hit. The Rifleman somehaow remains standing.
The Warhammer hits the Marauder in the head with a PPC. The Marauder loses his balance and falls.
In the physical phase the Rifleman is kicked by the Kell Hound Enforcer and suffers a foot actuator hit on the left leg. The Rifleman falls.
The Kurita Enforcer is kicked by the Kell Hound Javelin and falls.

Turn 6

Both Locusts run off the southern edge of the map.
The Marauder has its head blown off by Kell Hound Enforcer who pays for his hit by taking a lot of damage, falling and becoming unconscious.
The Orion gets hit in the head by the UrbanMech.
In the physical attack phase the UrbanMech kicks the Stinger and inflicts 2 leg actuator hits on the poor Stinger. The Stinger lands on his head.
The UrbanMech has its left leg kicked off by the Orion and Stinger.
The Jenner also loses its left leg,

The game is called when the Sword of Light realizes that it cannot complete its victory condition.
The Sword of Light suffered grevious losses:
   the Battlemaster (the CO) pushed of the board,
   the Ostsol dead from engine hits,
   the Marauder decapitated.

The Kell Hounds suffer no fatalities but have several units with missing legs.

The Kell Hounds won by preventing the Sword of Light from carrying off the dead body of Prince Ian Davion.