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Author Topic: Rainer's Regulators v Death's Consorts, 3075 (MORTIS RICTUS)  (Read 1573 times)


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Hi guys,
just in the middle of fighting this track out now with my new-ish Rainer's Regulators. I'm going to post a full battle report up soon - at this stage the Regulator's are still holding strong but have taken some serious casualties, including their XO who has been taken out by the Consort's commander.


22 OCT 3075
"Not long before dad handed the Regulators over to me, he told me how his original intention for the unit was to protect the weak - I think he always saw himself as some sort of new age law man to protect the people of the Outback and other hardscrabble worlds on the edge.
Maybe that's why he hated the Robes so much - they were the bullies coming to planets that just wanted to work hard and raise their kids and saying "throw in with us, convert - or die".
I don't know what he'd think of our current assignment - whether he'd curse me out for betraying his dream or embrace me and Adalita for living up to everything he wanted.
The Filtvelt Coalition sub contracted us out to the neighboring Malagrotta Cooperative but only yesterday did I find out some broker called "Mr Askai" had done all the wheeling and dealing. I'm not sure I'm ok with that - hell, Adalita damn near drew down on our liaison when she found out about it.
Sure, the money’s damn good - but it was just like this when we got stomped fighting the Wobbies and lost dad. Hell - the money was freaking amazing when the Lyrans threw us against the Falcons on Sudeten in '50 where we lost my big brother.
Take this posting - not only are we garrisoning a secessionist splinter state, but we’re working alongside the same seedy sorts that we were hired to defend the place from. The sort of guys dad raised us to fight.
Since we made planetfall I've had seven Regulators injured in bar fights - including a stabbing - and maybe another dozen bailed out from the drunk tank. Thankfully there's almost no law here.
- journal entry Captain Jessica RAiner 20 OCT 3075

Aiden King let out a loan groan as he watched the Overlord class dropship descend on a tongue of fire - smaller craft darted around the giant starship like moths around a majestic flame.
Suddenly, ports opened all along the ship's midline and small dark shapes begun leaping towards the ground on their own flames. Battlemechs - lots of them.
"Bravo lead, this is two - I'm watching more than a company hot drop on the outskirts of the city. These Death's Consorts are all over our position," he growled into his neurohelmet mike.
Even as he requested aid the veteran warrior was lining up his targeting reticule on the approaching enemy. While the terrific power of his ER PPC and large pulse laser would tear through armor and sear flesh it was the small TAG spotting laser that he knew would do the most arm. Just over a kilometer away his commander's older brother and his crew of missile specialists awaited his target data.
"Say again Bravo lead - I can now confirm three lances forming up on the edge of the city. I mark what looks like a couple of heav-"
His line was suddenly cut off by his lance leader. "I hear you two, we're dealing with a situation here. The Consorts tried to slip some infantry and vehicles past us. The bastards are everywhere."
King could hear the rattle and crack of gunfire over the commlink from Adalita's side.
Suddenly, the air around him opened up with the riotous sounds of gunfire - twisting his Maelstrom he managed to avoid a sudden flight of short range missiles that wizzed down the alleyway. Around him tracers flickered.
But they're coming from the old post office there? One of the other merc units is entrenched in there. What the hell is going on?
"Lead - I'm taking fire from friendly positions!" What the hell is going on."
His lance leader's voice was weaker this time - and the gunfire on her end had intensified.
"Everything's gone crazy - half these morons seem to be working for the enemy, the other side seem to be shooting at each other!"
King pulled his mech down the alley, dodging the small arms fire and occasional missile coming his way. The former FedSuns soldier had served on New Sytris at the height of the Civil War and had narrowly survived the destruction of his former command - he'd been one of less than company of the New Sytris CMM to walk out of a hellish Lyran ambush.
But still... he'd never seen anything this confused.

The Attacker consists of a portion of the Death’s Consorts.
The Consorts should be 125% of the Defender’s deployed force.

Track Cost: 500
+200 Tiqualme: Add Gary Tiqualme to the Attacker’s forces in
any heavy or assault Inner Sphere ’Mech with Elite skills.

+200 Betrayal: One or more of the defending units betrays the player’s
force. To determine which unit, roll 2D6 for each unit in the
End Phase, starting in Turn 4. A unit switches sides on a result
of 11 or 12.

Hold the line. Destroy/Cripple at least 50% of the Attacker’s
force. [300]
Intel. Capture as many enemy ’Mech pilots as possible for
interrogation. [100 per each captured pilot]

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067


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Re: Rainer's Regulators v Death's Consorts, 3075 (MORTIS RICTUS)
« Reply #1 on: 28 October 2012, 00:43:30 »
Sorry - I'm back. After action write up below:

I'd spread the Regulator's out across the north eastern and eastern suburbs of the city, looking out over the surrounding croplands.
They were backed by a motley crew of freebooter, former pirates and privateers that has rallied to the Malagrotta cause - a mixed company of armor and infantry, a demi-company of mechs with infantry support and a light lance that was holding our right flank.

The Death's Consorts were led by their elite commander Gary Tiqualme in a venerable Battlemaster. He'd brought a heavy/assault company, a mixed company of Scorpions and Vedettes with infantry support and an "odds and sods demi company" of light and medium mechs.
We were in a fair bit of trouble straight off the back when just about every one of our allies turned traitor and began firing at everyone else. It was a mad house.

Turn one
saw the Consort's heavy company charge straight across the open ground, screened by their armor. The lighter element meanewhile tried an end run - putting poor Aiden King on his pat an alone up against them.
Our Arrow IV elements begun lighting up targets with only minimum success (One Scorpion brewed up and some kills among the pirate infantry).
The range was really too great for anything but some sniping between us and the pirates. But our traitorous friends got stuck into each other, as well as letting off a few round at us.

Turn two saw the tide turn for the Regulator's. Tiqualme's command lance surged forward - and in a pretty nasty move managed to headcap the Valkyrie driven by Cpl Lowe. Our Alpha lance started falling back, firing as they went. Things were looking pretty grim with a second lance of pirate heavies moving in to flank Jessica and her lance - only for the pirates to suddenly find themselves under attack from the Regulator's battle armor.
The four squads of BA had been strung out inside a series of three storey buildings and made good use of close in SRM attacks.

Turn three and four see-sawed back and forth as the lighter elements of the Consorts slammed into our flank, initially driving King and the nearby lance of allies back. Our allied lance lost a Shadow Hawk but King managed liberally TAG the pirates, calling in some "danger close" Arrow IV rounds down that levelled a couple of buildings and stopped the advance.
He was soon joined by Alpha lance's Sgt Shireen Khan in her  BCN-3R Buccaneer and his lance leader. The six mercs on that side of the board now held the advantage and King single handed managed to bring down a Vindicator and a Trebuchet.

Turn five was where things got a bit sticky. While the Regulator's had managed to push back one advance they suddenly found themselves under intense fire from their own allies. Khan took a AC/10 burst to the gyro and punched out while Adalita found herself lit up from behind and knocked down.
Our whole centre sort of crumpled at this point and I started pulling back under Arrow IV fire.

The next couple rounds saw a series of short firefights as we tried to get the hell outta Dodge and retreat off map

Amazingly, I had some how managed to complete the primary objective and seriously hurt the Consorts - so WE GOT SALVAGE!

But at a serious cost:

CO:  Captain Jessica Rainer
XO: Lt Adalita Harley-Rainer

Alpha Mech lance
STH-2D2 Stealth – Captain Jessica Rainer
BCN-3R Buccaneer - Sgt Shireen Khan centre torso destroyed.
VLK-QA Valkyrie - Cpl Charles Lowe head destroyed. Pilot killed
VLK-QA Valkyrie - Cpl Bobby Crawford

Bravo Mech Lance
ST-8A  Shootist - Lt Adalita Harley-Rainer Mech destroyed. Pilot injured.
MTR-5K Maelstrom – Sgt Aiden King
ENF-4R Enforcer – Sgt Enrico Gonzales

Fire support lance
Lt Jason Rainer
Schiltron (primary variant)
Schiltron (primary variant) Sgt Tidus Kruger

Regulator Infantry - Lt Andrew Murdoch
- Jump infantry platoon
- Commando platoon (2 motorized squads w/ SRMS, auto-rifles)
- Anti-mech platoon (motorized)
- BA platoon
(x2 squads of Cavalier BA, x2 squads of I.S. Standard BA)

Two Cavaliers killed. One Standard suit killed.

Regulator aerospace:
Lt Dane Stamp – Shilone
Bill Erikson - F-77 Deathstalker


TBT-5N Trebuchet (both legs shot off)
VND-1R Vindicator (gyro hit, engine hit)

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067