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Author Topic: Running From the Devil - The Brotherhood of Outreach  (Read 1610 times)


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Running From the Devil - The Brotherhood of Outreach
« on: 28 October 2014, 03:15:12 »
Situation April, 3068. Galatea
"The Lyrans loved what we did for them at Skye, and rewarded us well. Money's still tight, but then, when isn't it in this trade? Unless you are... were the Dragoons, the Hounds, the Highlanders... Either way, had a call in from Dieron. Seemed the Combine needed some help getting a VIP off planet. Who knew it was the head of the ISF? Really, had I know who the target was... I might have let the Word have him. After all, he cost me one of my crews. But Drac money is still money. Doesn't make up for lost friends, but it will keep our command in the fight." - Gabriel D'Vries.

Left to right, chase format.
Open Terrain #2, Rolling Hills #1, Moonscape #1 (Severe Shelling. One could argue for Nukes, but since we didn't have fallout and radiation rules going...)

The Brotherhood of Outreach
(4/5) - Bushwacker BSW-S2 (SRM loaded with Infernos)
(5/5) - Patton Tank (AC/10 with precision ammo.)
(4/5) - Von Luckner K65N (AC/20 with precision ammo.)
(2/4) - Schrek PPC Carrier
(3/4) - Daimyo HQ 67-K
(3/4) - Sprint Scout VTOL (Laser)
(3/4) - Sprint Scout VTOL (Laser)
(3/4) - Sprint Scout VTOL (Laser)

(3/4) - Mantis Attack VTOL
(3/4) - Pinto Attack VTOL
(3/4) - Beagle Hover Scout
(3/4) - Beagle Hover Scout
(3/4) - Condor Hover Tank
(3/4) - Thorn THE-N
(3/4) - Purifier Battle Armor Squad (ER Small Laser)

Battlefield Conditions

Optional Rules:
Floating Criticals
Careful Stand
Ground Vehicle Hit Location Chart removes the Critical on an 8 and the possible motive Damage on a 9.
VTOL and Hover Lateral Slip

So, I screwed up on this mission. I accidentally had the player force come on alongside the Combine forces, instead of from the opposite edge. I was not about to refight this mission and correct it. As a result, we decided that it would be an absolute certain, I don't get the Combine's Gift. That said.

Turn 1-2:
Didn't get that far ahead of the enemy forces in my two free turns. Ran the VTOLs ahead quite a ways and then brought them back. Everything else moved into position to deal with the enemy forces as they arrived.

Turn 3:
And arrived they did. The VTOLs went to go hunt mine down, while his other vees moved in on my forces. However, he showed his hand too soon as my own VTOLs circled around behind his. Shooting was bland though, with many large to hit numbers. Except for the shot on the Thorn. The VonLuckner took a precision AC/20 shot on him. CT. Gone.

Turn 4-6:
Things get a little fuzzy here as there are a lot of missed shots and movement. At some point I account for a Mantis and a Beagle, and he accounts for a Sprint. I've pretty much hunkered down on the edge of a crater, since the TMM against my opponent are far too high.

Turn 6 or 7:
Like I said, fuzzy. I didn't record a turn by turn report of this game because it'd mostly be - "And I needed nines/ tens to hit." Condor falls after moving in amongst all my forces. Double stun followed by a shotgun of LB-10X to the side. His forces are left with a Beagle and two Purifiers. Turn 7 did see one of the Sprints leave the battlefield safely.

Turn 8:
Last turn. Beagle pops a shot at the Schrek. Rolls a 12. Followed by an 11. I was not happy. Beagle and remaining two Purifiers die in a fusillade of fire.

Could have gone a little better. Could have *not* lost the Schrek. Could have also gone worse. Could have played the scenario correctly... Oops again.
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