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Author Topic: [Alpha Strike] The MadCat Mcguffin.  (Read 1239 times)

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[Alpha Strike] The MadCat Mcguffin.
« on: 10 November 2014, 13:17:01 »
The Setup:
Year 3050
The DC has been able to snag one of the invaders advanced mechs and is trying to hustle it to the dropship to shuttle it to a decent R&D lab. Another House player, though, has got wind of this and has sent mercs out to capture it. But when the mercs realize what the target it, all contracts are null and void and it become a free-for-all.

Behind the Curtain:
I have an AS player who is starting to get the urge to run his own events and this was his first scenario. We had a blast and squeezed in two games, each with four players and under 27 mechs in under 4 hours.
The rules:
Play started on a 4x4 with a  DC Assault Lance and the MadCat:

The Lance has Skill 3, while the IS pilot driving the MadCat hasn't warmed up to the Clan tech yet. His Skill is 5

Then everyone picked a lance.

The Referee put lances together as he thought was cool, no real PV. It all seemed to work out.

After the end of every turn, Each player rolled for reinforcements.

A 7+ would get you one more lance. After all players had two lances on the board, Reinforcements were done. If you rolled an 11, you got an enemy House intel team with a skill rating of 3. There's only one House Intel lance available.

Once the DC Lance was destroyed, control went to a unit within 6 inches.
If there was more than one lance within 6", no one had control.

If you got control, you had to leave by the two non-deployment sides of the board to get the win.

The first play through was just intro style, with no Specials. We had so much fun that we immediately dove into a new game and the use of Specials kept the game fairly fresh. Both games lasted about two hours and both were tight and frenetic affairs.

This just might be the "Grinder" version of AS.
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