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Author Topic: Total Chaos: Cumberland's Missiliers  (Read 2067 times)

Alex Keller

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Total Chaos: Cumberland's Missiliers
« on: 28 October 2013, 21:54:26 »
I'd like to share the adventures of my Battletech group's campaign.  We're playing as Cumberland's Missiliers in the Total Chaos book.  We mostly use the new Alpha Strike rules.

The Missilier's start out with the following units:
Gap Breaker (Union-class dropship)
VKG-2F Viking piloted by Capt. Roger Cumberland (Veteran). Capt. Cumberland is the CO.
ARC-4M Archer piloted by Lt. Musette Brady (Veteran). Lt. Brady is the intelligence officer.
Heavy LRM Carrier commanded by Lt. Roger Goddard (Regular). Lt. Goddard is the XO.
Heavy LRM Carrier (Regular)
HBK-4G Hunchback piloted by Sgt. Randy (Regular)
ASN-21 Assassin piloted by Pvt. Arie (Regular)
RVN-3L Raven piloted by Pvt. Chris
JVN-10N Javelin piloted by Pvt. David
TRB-D36 Thunderbird piloted by Lt. Mitch McGrady
EGL-R6 Eagle piloted by Sgt. Tommy Cooper

I'll post updates as we go along.

Alex Keller

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Re: Total Chaos: Cumberland's Missiliers
« Reply #1 on: 28 October 2013, 22:43:30 »
Rural Route 92, Fox Province
New Avalon, Federated Suns
5 December 3067

I signed a training contract with Micron here on New Avalon.  This should be a good opportunity for our younger MechWarriors to improve their own skills as well.  These Micron boys are pretty green, but they’ve got decent enough equipment for corporate security.  Hell, they’ve even got themselves an old UrbanMech!
Anyways, I sent my boys out to play.  They’re out on the NAIS training grounds far away from the city. They should be back in a few hours.  For a merc, the easiest contracts are often the best. 
-Journal Entry for Capt. Roger Goddard, 5 September 3067

DEFENDER (Cumberland’s Missiliers and Micron Security)
HBK-4G Hunchback (4/5) (Sgt. Randy – Cumberland’s Missiliers)
ASN-21 Assassin (4/5)(Pvt. Arie – Cumberland’s Missiliers)
RVN-3L Raven (4/5) (Pvt. Chris – Cumberland’s Missiliers)
JVN-10N Javelin (4/5) (Pvt. David – Cumberland’s Missiliers)
UM-R60 UrbanMech (5/6)
Yellow Jacket VTOL (5/6)
Maxim Hover Transport 3053 Upgrade (5/6)
Heavy Tracked APC (5/6)
Heavy Tracked APC (5/6)
Karnov VTOL (5/6)
Karnov VTOL (5/6)
Foot Platoon (Laser Rifle)
Foot Platoon (Laser Rifle)
Foot Platoon (Laser Rifle)

ENF-5D Enforcer (3/3)
JVN-10N Javelin (4/5)
VLQ-QD1 Valkyrie (4/5)
VLQ-QD1 Valkyrie (4/5)


Defend yourselves and your charges (SUCCESSFUL +100WP)
Try not to kill the Davions; they’re only following orders (FAILED)
Protect your cargo haulers rom destruction (SUCCESSFUL +75WP)
Training, training, training (FAILED)

Man, am I pissed!  The NAIS is supposed to be an “elite” training school.  Instead, they’ve got their cadets firing at anything not wearing a Davion sunburst.  Where’s the discipline? From what I understand, four NAIS MechWarriors mistook my Missiliers and the Micron folks for invaders.  New Avalon hasn’t been invaded in 40 years!  Anyways, once the missiles and shells started flying, a Micron VTOL pilot made the shot of his life when he put a gauss slug through a ‘Mech’s cockpit and killed some poor cadet.  The remaining NAIS cadets killed the VTOL pilot in retaliation before Sgt. Randy could get through to the NAIS commander and put a stop to this nonsense.  What a waste!  Luckily, none of my people were hurt and we only had to replace some ammunition and armor. 
Micron terminated our training contract.  No surprise there.  Fortunately I got us a three-month garrison contract on Acamar.  We’re leaving in a couple of hours.  The Gap Breaker is all prepped and ready to go.  Just in time too, FedSun personnel are all extremely edgy today.  I want to get my people out of here until things settle down.
-Journal Entry for Capt. Roger Goddard, 5 September 3067

Our first game was a fun one!

Micron security personnel moving through the woods. 

Alex Keller

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Re: Total Chaos: Cumberland's Missiliers
« Reply #2 on: 28 October 2013, 23:06:26 »
Middle of Nowhere, Contard Mining Property
Acamar, Federated Suns
8 January 3068

     Well, we’ve been stuck out here in the freezing wastelands for several weeks now.   I forgot how boring garrison contracts can be.   But our contract here on Acamar is about to get much more interesting…  The Contard security folks just alerted us about an inbound military dropship.  Union-class, so we’re not totally outmatched.  Still, I don’t know what they’ve got.  It could be twelve Atlases for all we know.  We’ll need to intercept them before they make it to the Contard mining facility, there’s too much risk of collateral damage if we don’t.  And after messing up the last contract, we need to build a strong reputation or we’ll be hard pressed to find any good contracts.   
-Journal Entry for Capt. Roger Goddard, 8 January 3067
     Okay, Lt. McGrady reports we’ve got two lances of ‘mechs coming in towards the mining facility.  He and Cooper are flying CAP just in case we get any raider fighters who want to play.  I just ordered my people to get suited up and into their machines.  We’ll meet the bastards head on.   Can’t wait.
-Journal Entry for Capt. Roger Goddard, 8 January 3068

DEFENDER (Cumberland’s Missiliers)
VKG-2F Viking (3) Capt. Roger Cumberland
ARC-4M Archer (3) Lt. Musette Brady
Heavy LRM Carrier (4) Lt. Roger Goddard
Heavy LRM Carrier (4)
HBK-4G Hunchback (4) Sgt. Randy
ASN-21 Assassin (4)Pvt. Arie
RVN-3L Raven (4) Pvt. Chris
JVN-10N Javelin (4) Pvt. David

ATTACKER (Lafayette Legion)
Striker (4)
Striker (4)
Flashman (4)
Rifleman (4)
Catapult (4)
Vindicator (4)
Vindicator (4)

Blowing Snow (+100WP)
Harsh Conditions (+150WP)

They must not pass! (SUCCESSFUL +150)
Intelligence is information (SUCCESSFUL +50)
No remorse (FAILED)

That… went surprisingly well.  The driving snow and brutal cold really messed up our LRM carriers, but we didn’t lose anyone and our equipment held up.  To be honest, that fight could have been really bad for us.  They had better equipment for these conditions.  Fortunately, their assault stalled as they lost momentum and we were able to pick apart some of their heavies before they got into closer range.  If they had charged ahead as a united force, I doubt we would’ve been able to stop them and we probably would have been run over.  Still, I’m proud of my folks.  Junior is frustrated with his performance, but his failed attacks were more effective than he realizes.  When wave after wave of missiles are raining down, even if they aren’t hitting, I guarantee any enemy is going to think twice about his assault.   
Contard is happy.  Our reputation is good here.  We’ve still got another two months here before moving on.  I doubt any pirates or corporate rivals are going to try anything while we’re still here, so we stand to make some good money here.  Even if it is incredibly boring and cold…
-Journal Entry for Capt. Roger Goddard, 8 January 3068

Capt. Cumberland and Lt. Brady take the field.

Lafayette Legion mechs advance down the center.

Cumberland's Missilier's take advantage of a wooded area.  The Viking and Archer can fire a murderous barrage of LRM fire, forcing the invaders to take cover behind the woods.

The Heavy LRM Carriers are having a tough time advancing through the snow and cold.  The missile launchers are starting to jam.

The Legion makes their push, but it's not concentrated and the Viking and Archer rip the Strikers apart, forcing them to withdraw.

The Legion attempts to withdraw in good order. 

The Legion commander sacrifices himself to allow his command to escape. He is eventually captured for interrogation and released to the Contard mining family.


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Re: Total Chaos: Cumberland's Missiliers
« Reply #3 on: 29 October 2013, 06:24:10 »
TAG'd! Cumberland and his merry band were certainly my favourites from Total Chaos.
Looks like its going to be a fun campaign.

"Hold your position, conserve ammo... and wait for the Dragoons to go Feral"
- last words of unknown merc, Harlech, 3067