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Author Topic: Snord's Ridiculousness  (Read 1026 times)


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Snord's Ridiculousness
« on: 15 August 2021, 00:33:29 »
A buddy of mine bought a ton of old scenario books, and we're playing through them all in order. We're on the Cranston Snord's Irregulars book.

This specific scenario, "Up In Smoke," has some quirky wording on the victory conditions. "The Irregulars must drive at least five 'Mechs off the northern edge of the East Map. Any other situation warrants a Kurita victory."
There are no instructions that say anything about forced retreat, so it occurred to us that, as written, the scenario is literally unwinnable for the Snord team, even if they destroy every last enemy 'Mech.

But something funny happened during the fight. Multiple deaths from ammo explosions, and many blown-off legs, as tends to happen with 3025 kicking sprees. The Kurita Wolverine and two Locusts lost their legs, and I joked that it's conceivable that all five remaining enemy 'Mechs could be disabled but not destroyed, and then my Phoenix Hawk (only remaining 'Mech with two hands) could push/drag all of them all the way from the south edge of the west map over to the north edge of the east map.
The Kurita Marauder went down with multiple acuator hits to its left leg, leaving only a Wasp with any mobility at all. I overheated the f*** out of my 'Rifleman' (Warhammer/Archer hybrid) to shoot as many limbs off as possible, snagging a Wasp leg, but landing critical hits on its left torso.

We rolled poorly enough to allow it to live and keep the dream alive (jump jets or heat sinks or something hit).

But wait!

Falling damage; missing leg. 2 damage to missing leg, transfers to LT.

2 more critical hits.

Boxcars (roll again; roll again)

1 (heat sink)

6 (roll again)


...ammo. Absolute destruction.

Only four completely disabled enemy 'Mechs remain.

Victory would remain forever out of reach.