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Author Topic: Solaris VII Spaceport  (Read 1570 times)


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Solaris VII Spaceport
« on: 16 May 2016, 11:24:13 »
This was our most recent game where I created a battlefield around an out of service landing pad. 

Mech restrictions:
IS tech
60-75 tons
3/4 pilots for all
No BV limit, no era limit, no tech level limit

The green dragon is a proxy for the Tempest.  We had a lot of fun in the game and I had a lot of fun writing this up.  There are over 20 pictures of the game (meaning 20+ turns) over the course of 4 hours.  Attached are a few of the pictures so people can get an idea of where all the pilots are.  I hope everyone enjoys!

--"In the Spaceport we get to see these Mechwarriors fight amongst the remains of a dropship landing pad and nearby warehouses.  There is very little cover, so everyone will be trying to move fast or stay far away."

--"We get to witness a massive array of firepower today, at least 6 PPCs, multiple gauss rifles, and some very fast heavy mechs.  Let's hope the deflector shielding can hold up, I'm sure our sponsors don't want any insurance claims today!"

--"In starting position 2 we have a Lament, a brutal monstrosity with twin Heavy PPCs and an array of medium lasers, a much 'lamented' piece of machinery!  Puns at the cyclic rate!"

--"In position 3 we have an Orion, using the formidable variant Kerensky himself used!  That Snub nose PPC will reach out and touch nearly anyone at short range in this arena!"

--"In position 4 is a Tempest!  Looks like a Dragon, but it's a free worlds league design, those guys and their Wobbie friends worshiped blenders at one point, who knows?!"

--"In position 5 is a Dragon!  The thing is already aiming in the Lament's direction!  The two of them might have already started shooting at each other if that building weren't in the way, but I don't know if that would even stop them!"

--"In the final position is a Catapult, fielding 2 Heavy PPCs itself, with jump jets, it will be a deadly foe!"

--"All automated turrets outside the area are active.  All Battlemechs are powered up.  Deflector shielding online.  Green light in 3.....2.....1...."

The crowds erupted as the Battlemechs surged forward into the arena. 

Most of the mechs charged forward.  The Dragon engaged the Catapult, the Lament swung one arm right and one arm left while running at 80 KPH, sending a heavy PPC at the Catapult and Orion, and the Orion fired back from a covered position in the woods. 

--"Great start to the match.  Mechs are already tearing into each other!  Armor exploding away!  The Tempest seems to have found a service box on that building to say a prayer to, he is sitting back...."

An Aerodyne dropship flew over the arena and hotdropped two mechs, a Barghest and Catapult. 

--"Woah!  Latecomers!  Another Catapult and a Barghest are joining the slugfest!  They almost landed on each other before taking off running!"

Continuing to use the cover of the woods, the Orion took cover, keeping the attention of the nearby Catapults.  The Tempest continued to hang out behind the nearby building, cutting off fire from all but one mech, preventing substantial damage.  The Lament continued its full speed run through the arena.

--"Seems the Dragon and Tempest don't want a piece of the Lament this turn as it books it across the field, he's turning and lighting up the new arrival Catapult!  Looks like the trend, EVERYONE is shooting at it!  Armor is coming off that thing like it's fun!"

The Lament turned to wrap around the nearby building as the Tempest took off out of the area.  Both the Dragon and Catapult began to pursue the Lament.  Continuing to maintain cover, the Orion and Catapult keep their firefight up. 

"Kill the dog!  Kill the dog!  Kill the dog!"

--"The crowd hates that Barghest for some reason, the deflector shield is lighting up as they are trying to throw food and drinks at it!  In a fantastic display of firepower, that Dragon committed an Alpha strike on..... the stands?  Two spectators have already had a heart attack from the terror of that much firepower!  EMS is on the way!"

--"The newcomer Catapult also seems to be trying to kill the crowd as nearly everything flies right past the Dragon and into the shielding!"

Backing away, the Dragon puts some space between itself and the Lament, only for the Lament to turn and charge toward him.  The newcomer Catapult tries to disengage as the other two engage.  The Barghest and Dragon square off as the Catapult and Orion continue their duel.

"Catch this!" yelled the Lament pilot over the comm channel as a Heavy PPC slammed into the Dragon's right arm in retaliation for the AC5 slug.

"Let's do this!" was the response.

--"We have multiple duels going on.  Orion and Catapult, Tempest and Barghest, Lament and Dragon.  That one Catapult is weaving like a mad man to get away from that clash of thunder directly behind him, 'run, Forrest, run!'"

--"That Barghest's Heavy Gauss seems to have a computer with a few bolts loose, misses a couple, hits a couple, definitely keeping that Tempest pinned down!"  On the other side of the field the Dragon continues to shoot at the stands instead of at the Lament.  That group of spectators started throwing their food and drinks at the shielding towards the Dragon!"

The Lament took a sudden turn towards the Barghest, with the Catapult following behind, and the Dragon coming right up behind him.  The Tempest took cover on the opposite side of the building from the Orion, and the far Catapult continues to exchange fire with the Orion.

--"Can't tell what the Orion is doing...  Is this a tree hugging political statement?.....Cause.... he's doing it wrong!  Man made lightning bolts shouldn't be tearing through the trees!"

--"We have some sort of nutty parade going on near the landing pad.  The Dragon just shot the Lament in the back, managing to miss all torso locations.  The Catapult is now back between these two behemoths, and the Lament just let loose a Heavy PPC into the Barghest!  Solid sho..... The Lament's arm just exploded!  That Heavy Gauss rifle tore the Lament's arm off, throwing steel all over 30 meters!"

"Kill the dog! Kill the dog!  Kill the dog!"

--"The crowd is losing it now that it seems 3 mechs are heading straight for the Barghest!"

The Catapult and Lament continued their charge straight at the Barghest, much to the satisfaction of the nearby crowd.  The Tempest swung around to engage the Orion as it stayed in cover.  Coming to help out was the nearby Catapult.  The Dragon decided that now was a good time to take a break from being so close and personal.

--"Looks like things are heating up as the Orion is suddenly point blank with two mechs!  They are all shredding armor on each other!"

--"Listening to the fans, both the Lament and Catapult are trying to deal with that Barghest.  I guess that Catapult doesn't have to worry about 2 Heavy PPCs and 3 Medium lasers in his face if he helps out the Lament!  I could hear the clang from here!  That Catapult just planted his foot in the leg of that Barghest!"

--"At this point things are getting nasty, everyone is losing a ton of armor, that Dragon seems to be jinxed, can barely hit anything or get hit!"

The Catapult and Orion duel comes to a head as the Orion charges out of the woods, straight at the Catapult.  Playing it safe and putting his back to the stands, the Catapult, near the Barghest and Lament, puts his back to the stands.  The Lament continues to push forward at full speed as the Barghest lines up a shot behind. 

The Dragon turns to reengage and the Tempest maintains its distance. 

--"Looks like the Dragon wants a piece of the action!  He is going straight for the Lament!  In a desperate show of marksmanship the Lament swung his arm behind him and landed a Heavy PPC on the Barghest.  But wait!!  This is brutal!  A Gauss slug just hit the Lament, it's armless!  Armless!  It tore the arm off after the PPC fired!"

--"Not letting the Barghest's distraction go to waste, the Catapult fires into the dog's side!  The crowd is losing it!  O, no, look there!  The Orion's leg looks like a noodle!  The foot and lower leg is gone, he's going down!  That's the worst thing that can happen!  Both the Dragon and Catapult and heading straight over there!"

Pursuing the Tempest the Lament with its 3 medium lasers comes charging after it.  Trying to gain some space the Heavy PPC Catapult, puts the heavily damaged Orion between it and the inbound mechs.  The Barghest maintains some distance, not committing to either fight.

--"The Orion has defiantly stood up against the incoming mechs, maybe not such a good idea.  Nope, definitely not a good idea!  Gyro hit! Gyro hit!  He's going down again after a goodbye laser at the Catapult behind him!"

--"Both Catapults are face to face.  Each one missing half of their mech and the Dragon is shooting the Orion..... The pilot is unconscious!  The brutality!

--"The Tempest and Lament are having a duel of papercuts having lost all of their major weapon systems and the Barghest seems to be backing away?"

"Kill the dog! Kill the dog!  Kill the dog!" the crowd continues to chant and throw food and drinks at the shielding.

--"Everyone wants that thing dead!  We can't even televise the mech over there because of the amount of cursing and lewd gestures!"

--"The bloodbath!  The Orion just powered down due to fusion engine damage, the mech is down for good, still no pilot response!  That Dragon...shouldn't.... feel the need to shoot it anymore.  Just the sheer number of times that mech was hit in the head, if that pilot wakes up, he may have brain damage!  The Catapult!  The heavy PPC Catapult powered down from heat and just fell apart!  It crumbled under the barrage!

The Lament tries to push towards the other fighting, away from the Tempest, but is quickly followed by the Tempest into the forest.  The Barghest, moves towards the action, the Dragon moves towards the Lament, and the remaining Catapult tries to stay away from the Lament and Dragon as they reengage.

--"The Dragon is taking it!  ER PPC!  Heavy Gauss!  3 Medium lasers!  It just went from full torso armor to nothing!  Return fire!  The Dragon hits the Lament with a Gauss slug, hip seized!  The Lament is nothing but internal structure and wiring, its been losing parts all over the field!"

The Lament stays where it is, having lost half its movement.  Tempest moves closer and the Dragon gets a good shot.  The Catapult, takes cover, lining up its remaining PPC on the Bargest.

--"This might be it for the Lament, surrounded with little to no armor.  He's going down, systems powering down!  The Engine is billowing smoke, torso destroyed.  3 defiant lasers light up the Tempest as the dead mech crashes into the ground!  Critical damage to the Tempest!  Narrowly survives any system damage!"

The Barghest pushes forward towards the Tempest as it leaps on top of the nearby building, Dragon gets behind the Catapult.

--"We are down to the final four competitors!  It'll have to be a helluva Championship game this season to even compete with this match!"

--"Continuing to shoot at the crowd, the Dragon sends an AC5 slug straight at the grandstand shielding, that's not how you keep your fans!"

--"Catastrophe! Catastrophe!  The Barghest just lost two legs!  Fusion Engine!  The dog is dead!  The dog is dead!  The sound is deafening from the crowds!  Down to our final 3!"

The Catapult swings behind the skylined Tempest, forcing it from on top of the building.  Dragon takes position to fire at the Tempest.

--"Still unaware of how a Battlemech works, the Dragon shoots the building instead of the Tempest with the AC5.  The two mechs are lighting each other up with their other weapon systems!  The Dragon is going down!  Critical damage!  Critical damage!  It collapsed against the grandstand!"

--"Our final two!  Tempest and Catapult!  They seem to be doing a tango or dance of some sort as they shoot at each other!  The Tempest pushes the Catapult to the edge of the arena.....  The Catapult pushes the Tempest behind cover.....  Swinging wide, PPC to the Center torso!  PPC!  It's falling, it's falling!"

--"We have our victor!  The Catapult that joined the match late wins the match!"
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Re: Solaris VII Spaceport
« Reply #1 on: 16 May 2016, 17:02:36 »
I am surprised the Dragon survived as long as it did.  Good write up.