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Title: Teaching a new generation - Donegal Guard vs. Sword of Light
Post by: Lyran Wolf on 13 July 2019, 21:01:43
Convinced the daughters to give "big stompy robots" a go after watching me teach my wife how to play.

The eldest daughter and I took to our machines at the orders of the coordinator.  The wife and youngest fought in defense of the Archon.

Everyone enjoyed it.  Daughters started to pick it up before they finally got bored.  Youngest wants to use a "longer ranged" 'mech next time instead of the commando.  Going to look into Alpha Strike if that helps fit the acceptable time frame.

Started with the Sword of Light charging into the Fray.  Followed by some maneuvering and the commando slipping behind the Locust.  The Kuritan mechs decided to pull back and regroup, before making one final push on the last turn we decided to play.

I'm looking forward to more games, and getting everyone else interested may make backing the kickstarter even easier.....