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Author Topic: 909 Inland Empire Battletech 7/26/14 (under construction)  (Read 2264 times)


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26, July, 2014
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 The game was a scenario that I put together where the attacker's goal was to recover a data core as the primary objective. The secondary objective was to recover a downed Ripper pilot sent in to recover the team with the data core.

Going along with the suggested recovery scenario set up found in many of the BT books where the attacker chooses the location of the item on the opposing end of the map, I thought inserting some randomness into it would be good. 2 dice rolls determined the location of the pilot, known to both sides at the start of the game.

Forces: 2 Level IIs of WOB mechs, the attackers, faced off against a Davion heavy lance and a lance of Mercs. Both sides were assigned 12,000 BV2 points. Each side also received a Patton and Myrmidon Medium Tank as the "Unit of the week", a program designed to increase awareness of units that individuals may not have tried in the past, with the goals of increasing variety of future games and potentially helping the game store make additional sales through special orders.

The Attackers: WoB Level II: Name/BattleValue/ Mini used in place of:

Vanquisher 2A- 2,234 (Devestator)
Initiate-04 901
mercury-104 683 (Dasher)
Centurion-Ar 1226
Mantis vtol-x79lmg 451 (SRM carrier...I know..I know..)
Purifier 466

WoB secondary Level II: Name/BattleValue
Thug 13k 2,086 (Atlas-old sculpt)
Lineholder kw2-lhw 1,484 (Madcat)
Centurion 9-A 945 (BlackJack-O)
Ac2 carrier(lbx) 536 (Oro tank)
purifier 466
purifier 466

Special Units:
Attacker: A Mobile HQ was brought in, its mission was to receive the data core and transmit the information back to friendly forces. (Scrap of paper, we ran of vehicles)

The Defenders:
Unknown Mercenary unit:
Commando-3A 540
Arctic Fox-F 891
Firestarter-OA 976
Hunchback-5M 1,056
LongShot-1B ????
Thunderbolt-7M 1,495

Special Units: Partisan Air Defense Tank.Everything went South when the Defender's Partisan Air Defense tank arrived at the secondary extraction point at just the right time. Was it sheer luck or did someone sell out the team? The Partisan had standing orders to hold it's fire and to await any additional vtols sent by the attackers.

5 turns went by. Shots were exchanged. Groups maneuvered. The defenders moved to secure the center of the map with it's heavy and light woods. Their map end featured a wide array of terrain from rivers, mountains, roads and even marsh hexes. The decision to advance was made due to the sporadic nature of the terrain while the center map offered much more uniform positions that offered both cover and LOS restrictions. The defenders also planted their Partisan Air Defense tank next to Ripper pilot.

The attacker attempted to lure the defenders away from the objectives to create an opening to push through. Unbeknownst to the defending forces the Ripper pilot had crashed a mere 3 hexes from the primary objective, the hidden covert ops team with the liberated data core. The Partisan tank's position complicated the situation as it sat ready to fire upon any VTOL that entered it's airspace, thus negating the speed and maneuverability of the Word of Blake Mantis vtol that could have easily extracted the team.

I have to say, Zaofan got some insanely nice LRM20 salvos off of his Atlas. Both shots that landed with with all 20 rounds without electronic support. IIRC, both turns' shots were landed on the same target, probably dealing the most damage from a single unit in the game overall.

My AC2(lbx) carrier took a hell of a beating, but narrowly missed the modified forced withdrawl rule. It was probably the most hammered unit of the game, but was saved by a few shots straying from hitting the front and landing on the left and right side.

The strange part of the game was that of all the games played this was the only game to see zero units destroyed. Unfortunately the game was dropped due to time constraints. Even though we did not finish the game it was mentioned that it was still a lot of fun trying to out-maneuver each other, instead of a straight up slugfest to the death.
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Re: 909 Inland Empire Battletech 7/26/14 (under construction)
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Just a heads up, none of the photo's are showing up... If you don't have a login to and aren't currently logged in you can't see the photos you've linked in the post.


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Re: 909 Inland Empire Battletech 7/26/14 (under construction)
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Wow, thanks for the heads up, Cambo! I'll have to go and check the settings then. O0