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Author Topic: The Fall of New Dallas  (Read 1232 times)

Von Ether

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The Fall of New Dallas
« on: 16 October 2014, 02:48:45 »
What our latest Alpha Strike demo lacked in quantity (we've had up to eight players show up before) made up in quality (about five), including a father/son team.*

Long story story short, both Dad and son thought AS was a solid, good game. Dad's got the core book on his list and he plans to paint up those minis that have been gathering dust for decades.

The set up was a company of SLDF Irregulars defending one of the last free (of Comstar) Hyperspulse Generators from the 145 Aramis Dragoons who want to control or destroy the asset to cut off the world from SLDF control.

It was the few and brave defending the last light of civilization:

From the hordes:

And not much space on the killing fields for the job to be done:

The SLDF lost.

While the teenage son knew that the Star League was supposed to be a defensive force for the scenario, he proclaimed, "Yeah, but I want to just have fun tonight." As a bit of cool on everyone's part, we old coots took that to be our rally cry and we had fun smashing mechs. There was more physical fights and even a DFA that I usually don't get to see.

Oddly enough, the kid's awesome dice rolls made the game a closer call than we thought it would be. If had played it right with those rolls, the superior Attacker would have had to fight hard for a win.

*Dad remembered playing BT back in the day, but dropped out around 3060. He was stunned at how big the Techmanual was. He recalled that his crew tried to play a similar set up "back in the day" but those game never got finished. They just quit after the game dragged on.  The son played a "Pilot your Atlas" grinder last year and loved it since he won.
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