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Author Topic: Command Lance of The Kewran Wolfhounds  (Read 2114 times)


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Command Lance of The Kewran Wolfhounds
« on: 22 May 2011, 22:04:05 »
Last Friday I ran the command Lance of the Kewran Wolfhounds from BattleTech Starter: Fist and Falcon.
I had improved piloting and gunnery skills and faced off a lance of average IS pilots.

The Command Lance was:
   BattleMaster    P 5 G 4    figure of Lich
   Blitzkrieg          P 2 G 2    figure of a Blitzkrieg
   Dervish             P 4 G 4    figure of a Hunchback
   Gallowglas        P 5 G 2    figure of a Prefect

The opposition was:
   Hauptman         P 5 G4     figure of MWDA Hellstar
   Longbow            P 5 G 4    figure of MWDA Longbow
   Warhammer      P 5 G4     figure of MWDA Warhammer
   Zeus                 P 5 G 4    figure of MWDA Zeus.

The first turn was just moving into range and echanging sniping fire.

The Op Force

Turn 2 was the Wolfhounds standing behind hills and the OpFor moving closer.
The Dervish found a heavy woods hex in turn 2 and camped there for the rest of the game.
The Blitzkrieg was preparing an end run to the rear of the opposition.

Turn 3
The OpFor moves closer and the Blitzkrieg hides behind hills.
The Gallowglass falls and suffers a pilot damage.


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Re: Command Lance of The Kewran Wolfhounds
« Reply #1 on: 22 May 2011, 22:26:49 »
More of the battle.

Turn 5
The Gallowglass falls again and suffers another pilot damage after being the target of the OpFor. The Zeus also fell while the Bliztkrieg ran into its favorite spot (behind the opposition). He hit with both shots of Ultra AC20. In fact the Blitzkrieg never missed during the game.


Turn 6
The Battlemaster falls from damage but the Gallowglass stands after making 3 piloting rolls from over 20 damage and 2 leg actuator critical hits.
The Blitzkrieg runs to short range of the Hauptman and unloads.
The Zeus runs up to kick the Battlemaster but misses.



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Re: Command Lance of The Kewran Wolfhounds
« Reply #2 on: 22 May 2011, 22:37:15 »
Even more of the game.

Turn 7
The Blitzkrieg blows up by not running behind a hill and ending in optimum range of the Longbow.
The Blitzkrieg has a critical ammo explosion and dies spectacularly.


The Battlemaster suffers 3 engine hits, 2 by golden BB in the center torso and 1 in the right torso.


The Gallowglass has his right leg blown up and falls but makes his pilot damage check.

The Dervish is the only functional 'Mech and he runs away after this turn.


The OpFor has significant damage and everything but the Longbow has internal hits. One more turn and the game could have been a draw, but the Command Lance lost by some poor decisions.