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Author Topic: Total Chaos: Mission - Strike  (Read 2348 times)


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Total Chaos: Mission - Strike
« on: 21 May 2018, 23:21:38 »
Situation May, 3070. Solaris VII
"The longer we fight on this planet, the more I think the Solaris Home Defense League isn't worth our time helping. Yes, we're actively working against the Word and its sympathizers, but these ******... With money still tight, we agree to a contract with bad intel. Turns out we were up against a Clantech upgraded mercenary unit. And on top of that, my flanking force got delayed by bullshit. We went in anyways, it was mostly a light force, protecting an HQ out in the middle of nowhere. What I didn't count on was the ferocity of their fighters, and their blood lust. We almost lost Outback, he blacked out after taking a stray head hit, and while he was out cold, they railed him with fire. He's going to be in the med bay for months, I'd be surprised if he got back in the cockpit after that. Keith on the other hand, his flanking force was delayed, and when he approached to finish off one of the opposing mechs, his Wraith took a Clantech PPC to the head. Damn shame, he was a promising pilot. Still my men caused enough damage to their forces, that they abandoned the HQ and we were able to recover our own gear. Our contract with the SHDL gave them the Clantech, but paid us fair value for it. I won't complain about that. Still, they better give us better intel next time." - Gabriel D'Vries

Optional Rules:
Floating Criticals
Careful Stand
Ground Vehicle Hit Location Chart removes the Critical on an 8 and the possible motive Damage on a 9.
VTOL and Hover Lateral Slip

Mission Options:

The Brotherhood of Outreach
Melvinia "Mel" Richter (3/5) - Gallowglas GAL-1GLS
Russ Carrasco (3/3) - Watchman WTC-4M
Ryan "Outback" Levkoff (3/4) - Bushwacker BSW-S2
Keith Phelan (4/5) - Wraith TR1
(3/4) Drillson
(3/5) Drillson (SRM)

Word of Blake Allied Mercenary (Clantech)
(3/4) Uller A
(3/4) Uller F
(3/4) Ice Ferret D
(3/4) Baboon 3 "Devil"
(3/4) Peregrine 4

Map Set-up
North Edge
[Inverse Large Lakes 2][Inverse Wide River][Inverse Coast 2]
Defender Home Edge - "Northern"

Turn 1 - Initiative Brotherhood
   With seven turns until the Wraith and Drillsons arrive, the Brotherhood has a rough job set out for themselves.
   Objective building was set up in the middle of the wide river map. Uller A and Peregrine deploy on the south side of the buildings. Uller F deploys in heavy trees on the south side of the map, Ice Ferret way off on the side of nowhere, and the Baboon deploys on the level 1 hills with heavy trees on the north side of the map. Add deployment is on the center map.
   Baboon remain stationary to turret the maps with the ER PPC and Targeting Computer. The Gallowglass took cover in heavy trees near the Uller in the trees. The Uller A moved quickly into light trees on the coastal map, while the Peregrine remained stationary. Bushwacker ran into some trees near the Uller A to focus him down, while the F came up behind him. The Ice Ferret crossed the river on the western edge of the map, and finally the Watchman moved in behind the Uller F.
   The Ice Ferret missed everything, while the Peregrine scored a single ATM 3 hit on the Bushwacker's head. The Gallowglass missed both Large Lasers and the PPC shot against the Baboon, but scored it's single pulse laser shot on the right torso of the Uller F. The Baboon's fire at the Bushwacker scores a hit right in the center torso. Watchman succeeds in getting a single medium laser and both machine hit on the F, (needing 5's to hit...) The Uller F does a bit of damage against the Bushwacker, while the Uller A does very little. Finally the Bushwacker only gets a single SRM-4 hit on the Uller A, one of the two missiles hits the head. Despite needing a three to stay awake, the Bushwacker falls unconscious. In the physical attack phase the Watchman kicked the Uller F right leg and knocked him on the ground. The Uller kicked the Bushwacker, knocking him over, and between the kick and the fall, the Bushwacker succeeds in blowing his own leg off.

Turn 2 - Initiative Brotherhood
   Ice Ferret continues to sweep down in it's flanking maneuver, while the Baboon moves closer and into cover on the coastal map and the Uller A retreats towards him. The Gallowglass takes up position in the woods the Uller abandoned, and the Peregrine moves for a rear shot on him. The Uller F tried to produce as much firing modifiers as it could, as it could not prevent the Watchman from getting a rear shot on him, so he ducked into heavy woods. The Watchman jumped behind him opening himself up to a salvo of HE ATM-3s, but risking it for the chance to remove a target. The Bushwacker's pilot napped.
   All but one clan pilot targets the sleeping Bushwacker like the dezgra scum they are. (Obviously not true clan, I think they may have been tainted by their time in the Inner Sphere.) The one that cannot fires at the Watchman. Uller A misses the Gauss shot, and puts the ER Mediums into the left and right torsos, missing the Center Torso he was aiming for. The Uller F then hit with a couple of Medium Pulse lasers opening up more torso hits. Finally the Peregrine's fusillade of ATM's takes out the SRM ammo, exploding the mech's left torso and disabling the mech. The Watchman only was able to hit with a single machine gun for little effect. The Gallowglass lands an ER PPC and a Medium Pulse on the Uller A, opening a torso and critting out a double heat sink, but that was it. The Watchman then kicks the Uller's left leg, leaving it with no leg armor at all.
Turn 3 - Initiative OpFor
   Watchman jumps into some trees to try to remove himself from his exposed position, and cool off a little, but the Peregrine had enough speed to circle around behind him. The Baboon also circled around to take a shot on the Watchman as well. The Gallowglass jumped over to help clear the Peregrine off the Watchman. The Ullers both took a moment to move into a defensible position for a regroup.
   Fire saw all clan pilots throw their weight into the Watchman with just two medium pulses and an ER medium laser connecting, while the Gallowglass and Watchman tried to clear out the Peregrine. Between lasers and a kick, the Peregrine lost a leg and fell down.
Turn 4 - Initiative OpFor
   The Watchman continues to jump around to keep the modifiers on him high so as to preserve himself as long as possible. The Ice Ferret finally joins the fight while the Uller A continues to run around at range to proved long range fire support. The Gallowglass simply walks over to kick the Peregrine while still firing on the Ice Ferret. The Uller F came up behind the Gallowglass and the Baboon moved to take a rear shot as well.
   The Clan pilots, since apparently this is a melee now, targets all fire on the Gallowglass, while the Gallowglass and Watchman both pour fire into the Ice Ferret. The Gallowglass missed every shot on the Ice Ferret, but tore more into the downed Peregrine. The Watchman lands a single Medium laser into the Ice Ferret. The Watchman receives a pair of ATM-3s for his efforts, while the Gallowglass takes a Gyro hit from an ER PPC from the rear as well a several hits elsewhere from other mechs, falling prone.

Turn 5 - Initiative OpFor
   Watchman jumps closer to the objective buildings, while the Gallowglass carefully stands. Peregrine tries to stand, but fails and takes some damage. The Uller F and Baboon are able to circle around and get another rear shot off on her, destroying the left torso. The Ice Ferret and Uller A close in on, and remove the left arm of the Watchman, who puts a single laser into the Ice Ferret. Gallowglass falls over again.
Turn 6 - Initiative OpFor
   The Watchman jumps into the heavy woods near the building complex, the Ice Ferret and Uller A continue to push in on him, while the Peregrine falls over in an attempt to stand again. The Gallowglass stands up and positions itself in a way to force a MASC roll for the Baboon to get behind who succeeds and gets behind the Gallowglass, while the Uller F ducks back into some woods.
   The Baboon puts another hit on the Gallowglass which hurts but not enough to knock her over, while she misses her PPC shot. The Watchman loses a torso to the Ice Ferret, and the machine gun ammo explodes for feedback, but the CASE prevents the loss of the mech. His two medium lasers, however, finish off the Uller A. Finally, the Gallowglass kicks the Peregrine and takes out the left torso, leaving it with a leg, a right torso, a center torso, and a head.
Turn 7 - Initiative OpFor
   The rest of the force joins the battle blazing across the water.
   The Gallowglass attempts to jump away from the battle, but falls on her butt. The Baboon moves in to try to get another rear shot on the Gallowglass, and the SRM Drillson and Wraith moved to present a jucier target for the Baboon. The Uller F moves to engage the SRM Drillson in the water, while the other Drillson moves to fire on the Uller F. Finally the Ice Ferret and Watchman continue to dance around the HQ complex. The Gallowglass pilot shakes her head and begins the shutdown procedure.
   The SRM Drillson is shot at several times and avoids all fire, while the return fire from the Wraith and the SRM Drillson on the Baboon removes a leg. The other Drillson completely misses the Uller F. The Watchman takes heavy pulse fire, and falls over, having only inflicted one hit on the Ice Ferret. He too punches the shut down button.
Turn 8 - Initiative OpFor
   The Wraith leapt towards the downed Baboon, who simply just turned on the ground to face his executioner. The standard Drillson cruised around the large hill in the center of the coastline to get onto the main land and further away from the water. The Uller F moved in to assault the flanking Drillson, while the SRM variant came up on his side. The Ice Ferret started his path over to the fray.
   And the would-be executioner would be the one to die, as from the ground the Baboon gets a lucky head shot in. The Baboon would be crippled in exchange, however. The Drillsons both lay into the Uller F, tearing its engine apart, leaving it inert. The SRM Drillson would be immobilized, and the crew abandon the vehicle during the end phase.
Turn 9 - Initiative Brotherhood
   Regardless of the OpFor's movements, the remaining Drillson leaves the map. End of scenario.