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Author Topic: War of 3039 - Battle for Nirasaki - Contract to Tofu's Outsiders  (Read 2071 times)


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AFFC Contract to Tofu's Outsiders
June 3040
Primary Objective:
   Planet Nirasaki, Draconis Combine
   Asset Denial: Seek and destroy the Drac's weapons research facility.
<$15 M C-bills>

Secondary Objective:
   Asset Recovery: Recover all data from the Drac's weapons research facility and turn over to the AFFC.
<$5 M C-bills>

   Post-Contract Completion: The AFFC will resupply all expendable ammunition spent in this campaign (to be paid in WP) following Primary Objective Success.

   A company of 3rd Benjamin Regulars <Heavy Assault Unit> are believed to be stationed on Nirasaki and tasked with the defense of the facility.


Planetfall: (approached planet in a Union-class Dropship with IFF tags as the merchant ship “Snow Blossom”, rerouted to land west of Akron during reentry blackout)

Tofu's Outsiders landed about 20 miles west of the capital city of Akron in hill country and established a base of operations.

Recon Lance is the first offloaded from the Dropship and sent to recon the surrounding 5 mi area.
Mission Objective:
   Recon area terrain and establish safe routes
   Discover identity of any enemy forces encountered with minimal engagement

   Area surrounding drop zone is mostly hills, forests and small rivers.
   Enemy forces engaged and identified: 5th Sword of Light (Veteran Unit)
   Enemy forces destroyed Commando and killed Mechwarrior Brian “Cody” Tiller
   Enemy Mechs identified: Warhammer (WHM-6K), Hunchback (HBK-4G),
      Hatamoto-Chi (HTM-26T), Trebuchet (TBT-7K)


Planetary Bulletin
Unauthorized Battlemech Force

You have invaded the sovereign realm of the glorious Draconis Combine and attacked us unprovoked, showing yourselves to be honor-less mercenaries. Although you are obviously not worthy of respect and honor, I will provide you the opportunity to honorably withdraw your force without further reprisals. You have 12 hours to lift-off from Nirasaki and be making your way out of the system, refuse and your lives are forfeit. No quarter will be given per our glorious Coordinator's edict: Death to Mercenaries.

Tai-i Darth Vader, 5th Sword of Light

Local Intelligence: Tofu Support Staff Members ____ and ____ are sent to enter Akron and try to gather any relevant Intel regarding the 5th Sword of Light's composition, movements and base location (including anything regarding the research facility)

<Chu-i Jacen Solo> Sir, your deadline has passed and our sensors have not detected any unusual Dropship activity. It seems that your gracious offer has been refused.
<Tai-i Darth Vader> Then we shall teach these mercenary dogs to fear the Dragon. Prep my ‘mech, let’s hunt some merc.

<CO Jared “Tofu” Hardy> So the good Tai-i wants to hunt us down then, we could use a little pay-back for Mechwarrior Tiller’s death. Call up his Lance-mates, I’ll be looking for volunteers. We’re going to give the Drac’s a little surprise party...and maybe get some good intel along the way.
It’s a Trap! - WP Cost 75

<Busosenshi Galen Marek> Sir, I am detecting 2 EM signatures east of our position. They appear to both be light mechs similar to what we know the mercenaries are operating.
<Tai-i Darth Vader> Bear east then, we shall destroy them ‘mech to ‘mech.

Setup: 3 Mapsheets, long edge to long edge.
Attacker: 5th Sword of Light (Heavy Lance, 4 Mechs)
Defender: Tofu’s Outsiders (2 Light Mechs, up to 4 Medium/Light Mechs with a sum of no more than 225 tons)
Attacker chooses 1 long edge to be his home edge. Defender then deploys 2 Light Mechs anywhere on the center map, and may place up to 4 of his remaining Mechs into Hidden Deployment (pg 259 TW). Attacker starts within 4 hexes of his home edge.
Both sides are operating under the Forced Withdrawl rules. Defender may not voluntarily withdraw Mechs until Attacker has lost at least 1 Mech due to crippling, destruction, or Force Withdrawl or the 2 Light Mechs have been destroyed.

SoL Victory Conditions: (Cannot get both)
Primary: Destroy, Cripple, Forced Withdrawl all defending forces
(Full Salvage) +100 WP
Secondary: Destroy/Cripple/Force Withdrawl the Light Mechs initially deployed and Withdraw with at least 1 Mech after 10 Turns
(No Salvage) +50 WP

In the Dark of Night: -1 to all weapon ranges (no effect on minimum ranges) + 25 WP
Heavy Wind: +1 to all Ballistic Weapon rolls, +1 to all Pilot checks + 25 WP

Result: 5th Sword of Light - Failure to achieve any Objective.

Tofu’s Outsiders destroyed: Archer ARC-2K <Destroyed> Benjamin -Hawkeye- Pierce (Killed),
Spider SDR-5V <Recovered>: Peter -Tiger- Parker (Captured and    Executed via planetary broadcast),
Hunchback HBK-4G <Destroyed>: Zach -Void- Phipps (Killed),    Dervish DV-6M <Destroyed>: Jared -Tofu- Hardy (CO) (Killed)
5th Sword of Light destroyed: Marauder <Recovered, Cockpit Destroyed>, Busosenshi Anakin                Skywalker (Killed)
<Tai-i Darth Vader> Busosenshi Skywalker was a credit to the ideals of the Dragon, his service was exceptional; he was Samurai. These treacherous mercenaries who took his life are not worthy of being called warriors and they will be treated as dogs. Ronin have more honor than they.
<Chu-i Reven> Sir, we’ve identified several of the mercenaries within Akron. It seems they have been asking around about our weapons research facilities and they are now attempting to flee the city in a couple of Swiftwinds, my Lance and I are in pursuit.
<Tai-i Darth Vader> I want them alive. We need to know what it is that they are looking for...Bring honor to the Dragon and your ancestors.

<Acting CO Ryan “Wolf” Miller> That trap was more costly than we can stand...with the loss of Tofu, we are in dire straights. This operation has cost us our heart, perhaps it is time to go home.
<Michelle “Siege” Conner> Sir, while we do still have a duty to our employers we will follow as you lead. Don’t forget, we do have some operatives in Akron...maybe they will generate some intel that can still generate us some profit.
<Shiela “Jumpy” Killian> Hey! We’ve got people on comms...our folks are running under hot pursuit...2 Jenners and 2 Panthers.
<CO Ryan “Wolf” Miller> My first duty is to our people, the contract second. Lets go bring our folks home.

Rescue - WP Cost 75

Setup: 2 Mapsheets, short edge to short edge.
Attacker: 5th Sword of Light (Recon Lance, 4 Light Mechs)
Defender: Tofu’s Outsiders (2-4 Mechs up to 200 tons, 1d3+1 Swiftwind Cars)
Defender chooses 1 short edge to be his home edge. Defender then deploys 2 Light Mechs within 6 hexes of the Attacker’s home edge. Attacker starts off the map and enters from the edge during Turn 1 Movement Phase. Defender moves Swiftwind(s) onto the board from the Attacker’s home edge prior to rolling Initiative.
Both sides are operating under the Forced Withdrawl rules.


Tofu’s Outsiders:   Primary and Secondary Objectives achieved. 1 Panther, 2 Jenners recovered as          salvage. All 3 need extensive repairs, but are repairable.

5th Sword of Light:   1 Panther PNT-9R <Destroyed> Busosenshi Canderous Ordo (Killed in Action)
         1 Panther PNT-9R <Damaged, Captured> Busosenshi Bastila Shan (Killed)
         1 Jenner JR-7D <Crippled, Captured> Chu-i Reven (Killed)
         1 Jenner JR-7D <Crippled, Captured> Busosenshi Carth Onasi (Killed)

Tofu’s Outsiders Victory Conditions:
Primary: Recover Intelligence Operatives from Akron and escort them to the waiting Drop Ship (Exiting the Defender’s home edge) + 75 WP
Secondary: Escape with all Tofu’s Outsiders to the Drop Ship (Exiting the Defender’s home edge) + 75 WP

<Chu-i Reven> We have them on the run! They won’t be able to keep up their speed once they are out of the city.
<Busosenshi Carth Onasi> Sir, I’m getting a lot of interference but I think I see 3-4 mech signatures just past those buildings....
<Chu-i Reven> Don’t worry Carth, those mercs wouldn’t dare come this close to Akron. They know we’ll hand them their heads on a platter, send them back to their Fed Rat employers.
<Busosenshi Canderous Ordo> Contact! I have visual on an Enforcer and a Catapult.
<Busosenshi Bastila Shan> Contact! I’ve got a Hermes and...oh it’s too big...a Banshee!
<Chu-i Reven> Pull it together Recon, focus on the cars...then we’ll show these mercenaries what it means to be a warrior for the Dragon.
<Busosenshi Carth Onasi> Ejecting!
<Chu-i Reven> Ejecting!
<Busosenshi Bastila Shan> Ejecting!

“Summer’s stormy end,
Lightning crashes from on high,
The Dragon roars again”
   -Death Haiku of Busosenshi Canderous Ordo, prior to his death at the hands of mercenaries
June 3040

<CO Ryan “Wolf” Miller> (<Internal Monologue> Whoo-hah. No casualties, four dead Dracs and we even get salvage...this should help morale and let us start to only find some new pilots...) What do you have to report?
<Intel Operative> Sir, our contract is correct. There is some kind of advanced weapons facility here on Nirasaki. They are working on extended range lasers and pulse lasers. Rumor has it that they are testing these weapons on a few mechs somewhere 30 miles south of Toledo. Guarding the site are a pair of Sword of Light Wolverines, it shouldn’t be too difficult to take them out, right?
<CO Ryan “Wolf” Miller> Michelle, what do you think? Extended range Lasers, Pulse Lasers? That sounds like Star League equipment. Is it worth the risk to our people to try and capture this?
<Michelle “Siege” Conner> Sir, we’ve worked this hard, sacrificed this much to leave here empty handed. If we can capture this tech, much less any mechs that it is mounted on...that should fulfill the spirit of our contract...denial to the enemy and recovery of the tech. I say lets go.
<CO Ryan “Wolf” Miller> Alright then, we attack tonight.

<Tai-i Darth Vader> So they are after the research facility. Chu-i Skywalker, go to the testing grounds and help them bring the modified mechs back here. I will comm them to anticipate your arrival.
<Chu-i Ben Skywalker> Sir, it will take too much time if we transport the experimental mechs by truck.
<Tai-i Darth Vader> Use some of the planetary guard, they should suffice just walking the mechs.
I expect you, the Strike Lance, and our experiments to have returned here by tomorrow noon. Time is of the essence, we need every mech and warrior available to defend this facility. Not only is our honor at stake, but also that of the Combine.

Proving Grounds Assault - 100 WP

Setup: Attacker: Tofu’s Outsiders (3 Mechs)
Defender: 5th Sword of Light (3 Mechs)
2 Mapsheets, Defender chooses 1 edge to be his home edge. Attacker enters during the first turn Movement Phase.
Defender must designate 4 hexes to be building hexes, considered Level 1 with a CF of 40, 1 of which he must secretly decide are supply storage, 2 of which as Mech Hangers and 1 as the Control Center. The 4 building hexes may not be more that 4 hexes away from each other.
The Defender may set up 2 Wolverines anywhere on the 2 Mapsheets, Chu-i Ben Skywalker will enter play during turn 2 from the Defender’s home edge.
At the End Phase of Turn 4 the Mechs in the hangers become active. All Sword of Light mechs will begin trying to withdraw through their home edge (+25 WP per 5th SoL mech, +50 per experimental mech)
Both sides are operating under the Forced Withdrawl rules.

Optional: (One or the Other)
Full Moon Night: -2 modifier on all weapon attacks +50 WP

Search Objective: Determine which building is the Control Center by scanning for 1 turn. Once determined, obtain the research by scanning for 2 additional consecutive turns. Scanning may only happen when a mech is within 2 hexes of the building; the mech may not fire any weapons that turn and must remain within 2 hexes of the building. +100 WP
No Quarter: Cripple/destroy all of the Defender’s forces + 150 WP

Tofu’s Outsiders:   No Objectives were completed
Captured 4 ER Large Lasers from the PNT-EX and the stations supplies
Captured 1 MPL from the stations supplies
Captured 1 WVR-6K Wolverine
Captured 1 WHM-6K Warhammer, hired Ben Skywalker as a new Mech Pilot

5th Sword of Light:   
Chu-i Ben Skywalker destroyed the Control Center after the JNR-EX and PNT-EX    were moving away.
Busosenshi Rex initially engaged the mercenary forces but was forced to eject from his Wolverine after both arms were blown off and it was knocked over. He managed to evade capture in a series of caves deep within a canyon.
Busosenshi Asajji Ventress led the retreat from the field.
Nearly out of the mercenaries grasp, Mechwarrior Lorn Pavan in the JNR-EX was    utterly annihilated in a fierce explosion knocking Chu-i Skywalker’s Warhammer to    the ground, hampering his retreat and forcing his surrender (and subsequent defection).
Mechwarrior Jax Pavan declared Chu-i Skywalker Ronin and also tried to make good his escape but he was cornered in a canyon just shy of safety.
Mechwarrior Lorn Pavan (Killed in Action)
Mechwarrior Jax Pavan (Killed in Action)
Busosenshi Rex (Dispossessed, reassigned to MAD-3D Marauder)
Chu-i Ben Skywalker (Ronin, Traitor of the Dragon)

<Chu-i Ben Skywalker> Warriors of the Dragon, we need to remove all experimental tech from this site ASAP. The enemy is coming and this is not a defensible position, evacuate and I shall destroy the facility.
<Mechwarrior Jax Pavan> Powering up now, sir.
<Mechwarrior Lorn Pavan> On our way to the rendezvous point, sir.
<Mechwarrior Lorn Pavan> Arrrgh! <Static>
<Chu-i Ben Skywalker> Attention Tofu’s Outsiders. I surrender. I will help you achieve your goals here on Nirasaki if you will provide me with safe passage out of the Combine and consider me for employment with you.
<CO Ryan “Wolf” Miller> Enemy Mechwarrior, please repeat yourself!
<Ben Skywalker> I hereby renounce my allegiance to the Coordinator and to the Draconis Combine. I surrender myself and my mech to you and your command.
<CO Ryan “Wolf” Miller> Ok Mechwarrior, welcome to the Outsiders. What’s your name and where can I find the Lostech?
<Ben Skywalker> Skywalker, sir. The Panther and Jenner which you’ve already destroyed contain some of our experiemental tech. I destroyed the Control Center here, but perhaps something survived..
<CO Ryan “Wolf” Miller> Jumpy stop that mech escaping and protect our new friend. That mech has what we came for.
<Michelle “Siege” Conner> Sir, we’ve searched the ruins and managed to recover some of these new lasers but no data.
<CO Ryan “Wolf” Miller> Looks like we at least got some of what we came for. The NAIS will just have to work on reverse engineering this stuff. Time for us to cut our losses and go.

Contract: Complete

Primary Objective: Not Completed
Secondary Objective: Partial Completion <$3M C-bills>

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