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Author Topic: War of the Clans: golden Century Turn 2  (Read 2429 times)


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War of the Clans: golden Century Turn 2
« on: 24 February 2012, 14:35:27 »
Clan Totem Insulted
Clan Burrock Merchants insulted Clan Smoke Jaguar warrior caste bu using their Clan Totem in a marketing campaign for male enhancement products aimed at the warrior caste.  This was the result of unwanted spamming of Clan Burrock trade channels.  Clan Smoke Jaguar asked the Grand Council to intervene and impose economic sanctions on Clan Burrock.  The vote was defeated by 1 vote cast by the Ilkhan to break a tie.  Clan Smoke Jaguar asked and was granted a Trial of Refusal. Many Khans who abstained complained that the Grand Council was above petty fights like this.

Ritual galore
Many Clans where involved in Ritualized Trial of Possession in the last months.  We have reports of 7 Ritualized Trial of Possession taken place in the Pentagon Worlds.  One as to wonder what was all the fury of exchanges for...

Latest Diet Craze
Clan Cloud Cobra has invited the Clans to send one representative of each Clans to a special event.Here is the word of Khan Lucien Kardaan of Clan Cloud Cobra:

"...Here we will discuss how better to work with one another despite our differences much like The Way is a single idea stemmed from many different beliefs. I urge you all to attend, send a single dignitary to the headquarters of Clan Cloud Cobra. If you desire you may bring with a single trinary. Reply if you wish to attend. Aggression against Clan Cloud Cobra or the Diet is prohibited by Penalty of Trial of Grievance and the brand of a dishonorable coward. Together through The Way we will embrace the ideals of Kerensky and take back the inner sphere. By Honor and The Way."

Many Clan have made their intention to participate.

Announcing the First Martial Olympics
The Office of the Ilkhan is about to announce the First Martial Olympics to take place in Clan Space.  the event is to take place in 2 years all over Strana Mechty.  Each participating Clan will have to field one Cluster and it will be an elimination still tournament.  More will be annouced in the coming days with a special announcement by our IlKhan.

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Re: War of the Clans: golden Century Turn 2
« Reply #1 on: 07 March 2012, 15:31:35 »
Turn 2 Chatterweb

Tech exchange running wild?
The Chatterweb network (CWN) as learned trough back channels that many Clans are still exchanging technology at an amazing pace. With some clans even trading more then 1 technology at a time.  Many Warriors are wondering if their Clan's Leadership will keep some technology a Clan secret.  This is worth investigating but so fare CWN was not able to get anymore information.

New Drinking Game Goes Viral
The signature salute shared by all in Clan Mongoose – hand over the heart followed by a slight bow – has become so prominent in interactions with that Clan that a pervasive drinking game has come into existence. The origins of the drinking game are not reliably known, but the basic premise is the same: whenever the Mongoose salute is seen in holovids, all participants must take a shot of their favorite drink, be it a PPC, Fusionaire, Necrosia, or the rare Glengarry Special Reserve Black Label scotch whiskey. Efforts to curb participation in the drinking game have so far failed miserably.

Clans on the rise
Three Clans have become stronger the other Clans. Clan Mongoose passed Clan Blood Spirit.  Clan Wolf passed Clan Ghost Bear.  Clan Hell's Horses passed Clan Steel viper and Clan Widowmaker.

Futile effort in the Grand Council
In the political arena that is the Grand Council, Khan Hobbes Kline of Clan fire Mandrill was not able to gather support for proposed changes.  Khan Kline asked for a review of the current rules for Trial of Refusal to be changed. Citing the current trial between Clan Burrock and Clan Smoke Jaguar as an example. 

The red haired Khan is quoted saying "Fortunately, there is an easy fix.  I propose that from now on in cases where the defender of a Trial chooses the location, that location must be declared first!  The attacker would then be able to bid forces from a proximate source, and then the defender could nominate his forces as before.  The defender still has the advantage in being able to select his troops last, but loses the ability to manipulate the location as we have seen here!"

In the end the Khan asked for his solution to be withdrawn when no more then 4 Clans got involved; 3 against the proposal and one in favor.  What is really strange is that the Clan who was not happy with Clan Burrock decision to have the Trial of refusal fought not on Strana Mechty didnt even comment.

:::: CWN EXCLUSIVE ::::    :::: CWN EXCLUSIVE ::::    :::: CWN EXCLUSIVE ::::    :::: CWN EXCLUSIVE ::::    :::: CWN EXCLUSIVE ::::CWN was able to catch Khan Stephen Cage of Clan Ice Hellion for a short interview right after the Battle against Clan Nova Cat.

CNW:    Thank you very much Khan Cage for your time
Khan Stephen Cage: My pleasure

CNW: We would like to hear about your view on your recent victory against Clan Nova Cat
Khan Stephen Cage: I am very proud of how our warriors handled themselves. They ignored the pathetic attempts of Nova Cat leadership to goad them into making a mistake. They bid honorably, fought honorably, and emerged victorious. They are a credit to the Ice Hellions and the Clans as a whole.

CNW: What do you think Clan Nova Cat reaction to their lose will be? Do you think they will seek vengeance?
Khan Stephen Cage: I would hope not. Out of respect, we allowed them the chance to change their original bid then we bid down to the point where we were outnumbered. You never know how some people will react but I expect no military response.

CNW: One last question Khan Clan Ice Hellion preparing any specific Cluster to participate in the upcoming Martial Olympics?
Khan Stephen Cage:  I cannot answer that question truthfully until I receive the full details on the event from the ilKhan. We would like to participate but likely will only do so if it is in the best interest of our Clan.

CNW: Thank you very much Khan Cage for your time and we hope that Clan Ice Hellion continue to have success in the future
Khan Stephen Cage:  You are welcome and thank you. Seyla

The Babylon Diet
With the Babylon Diet just around the corner Clan have started to sent their representative to the Capital of the Clans.  Some Clans seems to be undecided to attend the Diet.  Clan Blood Spirit, Clan Coyote, Clan Ghost Bear, Clan Hell's Horses, Clan Steel Viper are Call Clans that have not announced their intention to participate or not.

Crouching Ice Hellion - Hidden Nova Cat
The Trial of Possession between Clans Ice Hellion and Nova Cat over a Nova Cat dropship was fought recently in the wooded mountains near the Nova Cat enclave. Nova Cat trinaries of infantry and aerospace fighters defended against a trinary of Ice Hellion medium battlemechs. The pitched and brutal battle went on for nearly three hours before the surviving Nova Cat forces withdrew. Star Commander Rikard, the acting commander of the Ice Hellion forces credited the terrain for limiting the Nova Cat's air superiority and praised her warriors for their skill and courage in facing a numerically superior opponent. She also acknowledged the bravery of the Nova Cat warriors, especially the infantry.

Game website:

We still have a few Clans available to play:
- Clan Steel Viper
- Clan Hell's Horses
- Clan Widowmaker