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Author Topic: Wrap up from North Idaho Alpha Strike campaign.  (Read 923 times)


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Wrap up from North Idaho Alpha Strike campaign.
« on: 31 January 2016, 14:08:06 »
The best news about this game is that we had an unexpected guest arrive.  He plays MWO all the time along with his gf.  Well they approached me before game time and we were talking and I explained to them about Alpha Strike and Total warfare rules they were told by a friend of theirs to buy the box set and they were actually buying it for him since he hasn't been able to find it.  Anyways they sat watching while we began the 1st phase and Judah got up and bought a lance pack and we took a pause to help set him up to play.

Sadly from the beginning the game had to be cut short due to my wife's birthday and the fact she dropped a last minute I want to do something on my birthday bomb.

In the mean time their forces took out 2 mechs out of the 2 companies I had brought.  Crippled 3 more and I was able to get a kill from my company.  Sorry I am not going round by round phase. 

JB did a pretty good job till his camera died of video recording the entire game. And I was too busy gm'ing the game to actually take pictures.

It sounds like we have found another person to join our gaming group and s

Thank you Hikage
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