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Author Topic: Alpha Strike Global Event: 500PV Battle, 3025 tech  (Read 2361 times)

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Alpha Strike Global Event: 500PV Battle, 3025 tech
« on: 20 February 2018, 12:27:07 »
We got in a FUHG themed battle locally.  I played Steiner, my opponent Marik.  We used as many unseens as we could to make it appropriate to the global event.

Command Lance: Marauder, Warhammer, Rifleman, Stinger
Fire Lance: Longbow, Longbow, Archer, Stinger
Battle Lance: Warhammer, Rifleman, Archer, Wasp
Pursuit Lance: 4 Warrior VTOLs
Scout Lance: 4 Heavy Tracked APCs
Support Lance: 4 Platoons Flamer Foot Infantry
Support Lance: 4 Platoons Flamer Foot Infantry

Command Lance: BattleMaster, Marauder, Atlas, Longbow
Striker Lance: Cicada, Locust, Assassin, Spider
Battle Lance: Grasshopper, Warhammer, Banshee, Orion
Assault Lance: 4x Von Luckner Heavy Tank

The scenario was, besides field as many Unseens as you can, a King of the Hill battle.  After 4 rounds we'd begin rolling to see if the game ended, and when it was over whoever had the most turns in uncontested control of the center hill wins the game.

I set up a battle line with my Command and Battle lances on my center, poised to seize the objective. The Fire Lance was set on the left flank separated by a river, but it's a Fire lance.  They'll support the hill taking by shooting across said river :D  My right flank was effectively unsecured.  I tried to make it appear that the cluster of 4 VTOLS was there to flank whoever tried to come that way, but their role would be to hunt the tanks and I intended that they'll ignore whatever flankers come their way.  Gambling on winning the hill by the time a hook can come around from that direction.

The Free Worlders opposite me had a similar strategy as our forces deployed. Command, Battle, and Assault lances ended up right in the middle going right at the objective.  The Striker lance was split in half, with 2 mechs each on the flanks as harassers.

Early turns:
The early battle revolved around mechs jumping into the battlefield-spanning river to take advantage of the heat dissipation  (it's 3025, after all).  The Marik side comitted more heavily to using the water, laying down more fearsome damage than my side did.  But I committed more heavily towards advancing and taking the objective.  On the flanks my Fire lance set up in position to have LOS to his side of the field approaching the objective and was nestled in to punish anything attempting to contest me for the hill.  His flankers, being completely uncountered, maneuvered into position at will.
Tide of battle: We each thought the other was winning.  I have already lost my Marauder and a Warhammer to his losses thus far of 2 Von Luckners.

Mid game:
The early game ended with my Wasp laying down the gauntlet by jumping onto the hill and forcing his hand to get something there faster than the Von Luckners were moving in order to deny me a scenario point.  He answered and upped the ante by getting his Grasshopper up there: he could always blast the Wasp dead if he needed to.. I'll have a hell of a time just vaporizing a heavy.  So the APCs got the order to move in, disgorging a swarm of infantry up onto the hill as well.  The Wasp ended up surviving due to all the fire from big guys being aimed at other big guys, and the Grasshopper fled back off the hill after the flamer infantry lit it up. Scenario condition win started to go my way.

Late game:
Motive hits ended up finally stopping the Von Luckner advance short of the objective, and his mechs were fairly bogged down where they were and reluctant to cross open terrain with my Fire Lance begging for them to do so.  His flankers were having their way with my Fire Lance (1 Stinger can't stop an Assassin AND a Spider) but they just weren't doing enough damage, even with backstrikes, to ruin my Fire Lance's overwatch.  On the other flank, a Locust ran up to contest the hill and it took concentrated fire and died.  Once the rest of my infantry got disgorged on his side of the objective hill, the Free Worlders conceded defeat.

BattleRom at end of day:

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