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Author Topic: AF categories in Alpha Strike - figuring out roles  (Read 1886 times)


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AF categories in Alpha Strike - figuring out roles
« on: 02 February 2014, 17:42:20 »
So I've been looking at expanding my Alpha Strike forces to include aerospace assets using the adorable microfighters sold on Iron Wind Metals, and in looking at the Alpha Strike cards themselves and thinking about the rules it seems as though AF units divide into four categories:

1) AF units that can carry a bomb load and still have Thrust 10 (letting it move 2 zones and still bomb)

2) AF units that have Thrust 10, but no bombs (letting them potentially intercept light bombers before hitting the center zone)

3) AFs that don't have Thrust 10

4) the two AFs that have Threshold 2, letting them actually tank hits (Eisensturm and Hydaspes, for those playing at home).

Now, I'm trying to find variety in my miniatures, and it seems like category 1) is the most important when it comes to battlefield effect. For one thing, they are almost always the smallest fighters, making them dirt-cheap so you can upgrade their Skill and/or not cry when they fail a lawndart test in the central zone.

Is there something here that I'm missing which people who've been doing the aerospace combat portion could point out to me before I buy minis?