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Author Topic: Alpha strike cards: jumpships & warships request & secret info!!  (Read 440 times)


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Hi, I was just looking through the AS:JS & WS cards the other day and boy are they great! ;D

I was wondering if we could get cards added to the product for 4 ships that are missing:
1) the enterprise supercarrier from XTRO:boondogglesb pg 17-18
2) clan peregrine warship from TRO:golden century pg 56-57
3) clan molyina warship from TRO:golden century pg 58-59
4) clan coronoe warship from TRO:golden century pg 60-61

And now for the big reveal!!!!!!!!!

I am very surprised that no one has seemed to notice by now.

on page 18 & 32 we get the beginning stats for 2 ships that have long
mentioned but never statted.

 >:D The leviathan zalman  >:D
and the

 :D The texas ancestral home!! :thumbsup: :drool:

Is it possible for the guys who did this product

David Kerber, Joel Bancroft-Connors, Joshua
Franklin, Térence Harris, Chris Marti, Jan Prowell
or the powers that be to release the basic data
to create Aerotech versions of these ships??
Pretty please? ::)


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None of the people you listed have the authority to release that.
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I am very surprised that no one has seemed to notice by now.
They were noticed.   ;)