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Author Topic: CT to IT, IT to CT  (Read 303 times)


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CT to IT, IT to CT
« on: 04 May 2021, 14:57:26 »
Good day everyone. So we have been going around on this a bit. In the specials of CT and IT, it says that you can convert before the start of the game one to the other. For instance Flatbed Truck I could at the start of the game state the of the CT6 I have, 3 of it will be IT. Once that declaration is made... that IT3 is no longer considered CT and follows all the rules for transporting infantry as if it had this ability outright correct?

And I could take the Maxim and convert from IT12 to IT6/CT6 and would be limited in my infantry transport for the game with this unit.

The confusing part is under Cargo there is discussion about cargo and Door.
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Re: CT to IT, IT to CT
« Reply #1 on: 04 May 2021, 16:37:04 »
It doesn’t acts as if it switched, it actually switches.  Cross off the other special ability and write in the new one.

You woood have to be more specific on what your confusion is with cargo and doors?  Off the top of my head, only large units use doors for cargo.  Wouldn’t affect your examples.
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Re: CT to IT, IT to CT
« Reply #2 on: 05 May 2021, 08:21:47 »
P.66 AS:CE

Doors are only tracked on DropShips and
larger transport units. Combat vehicles with the Infantry Transport
(IT#) special ability do not keep track of doors, and may therefore
deploy some or all of their infantry units in a single turn.