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Author Topic: Alpha Strike LB-X Autiocannon damage  (Read 450 times)


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Alpha Strike LB-X Autiocannon damage
« on: 22 April 2021, 10:44:43 »
I have question regarding the damage of LB-X autocannons in Alpha Strike.
Its damage is lower than their normal Autocannon counterparts and they get the FLAK ability. This is due to the conversion assuming that cluster rounds are always used. But should the FLAK ability then not be applicable also to Mechs and other vehicles and not just to airborne targets?

The way it is now, LB-X autocannons in AS are in general worst than normal ACs, which in my opinion goes against the logic/lore of these weapons.


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Re: Alpha Strike LB-X Autiocannon damage
« Reply #1 on: 24 April 2021, 00:15:21 »
Yeah they kinda suck comparatively. But they get a point discount for doing less damage.

Iirc I saw dev saying they would have redone some weapons and specials to make more sense and streamlined with the other rules


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Re: Alpha Strike LB-X Autiocannon damage
« Reply #2 on: 28 April 2021, 10:33:52 »
The way the FLK ability works in Alpha Strike is because of how Flak attacks work in standard tabletop play (as per Total Warfare, p.114).  As with Alpha Strike, an attack only qualifies as a "Flak" attack if a qualifying weapon is used to fire on a weapon that has an "Altitude" (Aerospace units -- ASF, CF, DS, etc.) or "Elevation" (non-Aerospace units -- VTOL, WiGE, LAMs in WiGE/AirMech Mode, etc.).  I think the only reason there's confusion is that the "-2 modifier for a Flak attack" from TW got converted to "Attacks that miss by 2 or less still hit" in Alpha Strike, but functionally it's the same rule dynamic.

Beyond that...the assumption that LB-X weapons always fire cluster rounds & have a lower base damage (assumption of a 7 being rolled on the Cluster Hits table) is identical to the damage that is used in Aerospace combat -- an LB 10-X, for example, is assumed to do 6 points of standard damage in an ASF vs. ASF fight, or in an ASF vs. DropShip battle.  Moreover, the additional accuracy due to the assumed -1 modifier for using cluster rounds is already calculated in the conversion of LB-X autocannons for Alpha Strike.  As noted in the tables in the Alpha Strike Companion, the damages for the LB-X weapons are slightly higher than what would be expected from simply using result "7" on the Cluster Hits Table -- for example, instead of 1.20 for the LB 20-X, it's 1.26 (5% higher).  The extra 5% corresponds roughly to the -1 modifier you get in tabletop play.  Since those are also the numbers used to generate the FLK#/#/# numbers for a unit, it would be a bit unbalancing to try to apply the FLK ability to targets it's not meant for.