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Author Topic: AS Battle for Tukayyid Campaign Pilot Injury?  (Read 381 times)


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AS Battle for Tukayyid Campaign Pilot Injury?
« on: 10 August 2021, 15:53:01 »
In the BfT campaign book, there are CBT rules for spending support points for healing and replacing mechwarriors. For Alpha Strike Commanders ed. there are no pilot injury rules, unless I overlooked them. There is an optional rule for ejection, but nothing about injured/killed pilots. I have the original AS and Companion rules, and in the Companion book does have Pilot and Equipment Diagnostics which include rather in depth rules, and seem a bit top heavy to run through for 10-15 pilots every mission. Is anyone using alternate pilot injury/death mechanics? Are you just skipping them altogether? Just curious what others are doing.


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Re: AS Battle for Tukayyid Campaign Pilot Injury?
« Reply #1 on: 31 August 2021, 14:29:55 »
I put together a campaign guide to erase some of the ambiguity. Here's what I did:

Crew/Pilot Survival
2d6   Description
2-4   Uninjured
5-6   Wounded, Mobile
7-8   Wounded, Immobile
9-10   Critical, Immobile
11-12   Killed
+1 for non-mech units
+1 if airborne

When a unit is wrecked or destroyed there is a chance that the pilot and crew survive. Any unit that is destroyed due to bombs, artillery, or critical hits will kill the crew automatically. Critical hits that kill the crew include ammo hits that destroy a unit, unit destroyed, and crew killed.

For all other conditions, roll 2d6 and compare the results to the Crew Survival table.
Uninjured and Mobile Crew are treated as infantry with 1 point of structure and movement of 2 inches. Wounded crew can return to combat but suffer a +2 modifier to attack rolls and any skill checks.

Wounded, Immobile crew survived the destruction of their unit, but cannot move due to serious injuries and cannot pilot salvaged units. Crew that are Critical cannot move and will die unless a MASH unit/resource is in the same hex. The MASH unit and critical crew/pilot must be assigned the “Refit” Order the following round. If the crew survive, they recover at the end of the mission.