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Author Topic: Basic Box lance suggestions ....  (Read 1572 times)

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Basic Box lance suggestions ....
« on: 13 September 2013, 11:45:38 »
In prep for my AS demo, I've scoured the MUL and the rulebook to try and come up with intro box lances that offer some variety, but don't bring too many additional rules to the table.

With this set up, I'll introduce these special abilities ...
Weapon specials: AC #/#/# - Precision alternate muntions, LRM #/#/#- Heat seeking  alternate ammo, IF #, OV #
Crits specials: ENE,    CASE

Here are my lance suggestions. Some may not match up era wise, but my focus was avoiding complicated technologies during a demo. I'd rather name drop them later as a, "And there's this too if you want a deeper game sometime" sales pitch.

My apologies, but I don't know how to do the table voodoo.

Lance Pair 1   PV
Cyclops 10-Z  13
Quickdraw 4G 12
Vindicator 3L   11
Whitworth 1   10
Zeus 9s             16
Cicada 3F          13
Clint 2-3U          11
Devrish 7D        14
       Total        100

Lance Pair 2   PV
Awesome 9M   18
Catapault C1   14
Panther 9R        8
Hunchback $G   10
Banshee 5S      21
Trebuchet 8B    13
Spider 5V            6
Assassin 21        7
   Total         97

Lance Pair 3   PV
Atlas RS                   18
Enforcer 4R              10
Grasshpper 5H         14
Jenner JR7-D              9
Jagermech JM6-DG   16
Grand Dragon 5K     14
Hermes II 5S             9
Commando  5S          6
   Total                96

Any suggestions?
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