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Title: Battlemechs are sturdy are the mew terrains?
Post by: CaptainKlang on 12 August 2022, 11:17:31
Topic as it says. I bought some from a different retailer and they were shite...the mechs would cause cave-ins(I am aware thats what real mechs would likely do, but I assume people in the inner sphere might be engineering structural integrity to prevent being kicked over like a sandcasle)... :))
Title: Re: Battlemechs are sturdy are the mew terrains?
Post by: sadlerbw on 02 September 2022, 09:46:08
If you are talking about the buildings in the new Alpha Strike box, they are still cardboard, but once assembled they are fairly sturdy. You could put as many plastic mechs as would fit on top of any of them without any issues. Metal minis might cause a problem if you put too many mechs on a single building, but that would only really be the largest buildings where you might have that problem. The medium buildings should be able to support two metal minis without excessive sagging, and you can't fit more than a single mech on the smallest buildings so they aren't a problem. If you did put three or four large metal minis on one of the largest buildings, it might sag, but I don't think it would collapse entirely. I haven't actually tried filling the top of the largest buildings with metal minis though, so I'm guessing on that.

I would say that the buildings were designed with plastic minis in mind, but most of them aren't going to have a problem with one or two metal minis on them either.
Title: Re: Battlemechs are sturdy are the mew terrains?
Post by: nckestrel on 02 September 2022, 10:00:02
Note that rules wise, the toughest of buildings (hardened) can only hold a total of Size 4 on its roof before collapsing.  So four lights at most, one assault.  The buildings in the box set are intended to be medium/heavy buildings that would hold Size 2 or Size 3.  So you're not meant to be piling a bunch of metal minis on it with it collapsing by rule anyway.

I don't have the box set myself, but I've seen a picture of the medium sized building (roughly 4" square?) from the box set holding four metal BattleMech miniatures.  (Grand Titan, Gunslinger, Falconer and one other.)

No promises, just saying they are holding more than I expected, and the rules limit how many should be on them.