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Author Topic: Curious about numbers....  (Read 460 times)

Hptm. Streiger

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Curious about numbers....
« on: 25 November 2020, 16:11:59 »
Strange title, so I don't expect someone to answer.

However after some games I realized that some damage and armor numbers looked strange, why does the Hunchback and the Enforcer both have the same armor?
Why does the Enforcer suddenly deal 1 point (read a whole PPC more damage at close range?)

Sure some values are great to make some Mechs better (for example the BlackJack or the Ostscout)

But why grant 1 point of AS armor per 2tons of armor?
Why divide sum of weapon damage by 10?

If you divide weapon damage by 5 and armor per ton.
The Enforcer deals
5 rather than 6 (3×2) damage and gets 9 rather 10 (5x2) points of armor.
Because the values and mechanics are the same it only increases the amount of points drawn out....not a issue.

You could even go by factor 4 instead of 2.
For 9 rather 12(4x3) damage and armor would count half tons per point.

Well an Enforcer could have dmg of 9 8 0 and 18 points of armor.

Would that change some fundamental things I'm not aware of?


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Re: Curious about numbers....
« Reply #1 on: 25 November 2020, 17:05:14 »
Strategic Operations and the Alpha Strike Companion have the rules for converting BT units to BF/AS.
Armor is points /30. Damage is /10.
To understand why, you have to start with BattleForce.  BattleForce is a direct scaling of BT by 3.  Hexes are three times as far across, turns are three times as long.  So damage is scaled for being able to fire three times per (BattleForce) turn.  Thus, Armor is divided by 3 compared to weapons.  The /10 is just to simply numbers.

So a PPC does 10 damage, but it would destroy 30 points of armor over three BT/one BF turn.

Alpha Strike then uses the same stats as BattleForce.
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Hptm. Streiger

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Re: Curious about numbers....
« Reply #2 on: 26 November 2020, 03:48:05 »
Somehow that makes sense.
But didn't BattleForce packed all Mechs of a lance into a single value?
Also 30 points of armor are almost exactly the same as 2tons.

I have both books and will give it a closer look. Thanks for the quick answer


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Re: Curious about numbers....
« Reply #3 on: 26 November 2020, 03:51:26 »
battleforce 1 did do that, yeah. battleforce 2 put the components of the lance/star into one unit like battle armor - each has their own values for armor, damage, and special characteristics. that's the system Quick Strike and subsequently Alpha Strike was derived from