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Author Topic: Demoralizer Rule Questions  (Read 392 times)


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Demoralizer Rule Questions
« on: 17 May 2022, 21:08:07 »
Hey all, need some help on a couple of questions about Demoralizer.  Since I was "the" BattleTech guy at my FLGS for the longest time I get asked to make judgement calls on rule's clarifications (even when the guys I'm planning with now probably know AS better than I do):

1. Unit A has Demoralizer. Unit B passes within 6" of A, takes the Demoralizer check, but ends their movement behind a level 2 hill that blocks LOS to Unit A.  However, that ending location is within 6" of Unit A.  On the next movement phase, does Unit B have to role the Demoralizer check for being within 6", even though LOS is blocked? 
***I ruled it does not, since paragraph 3 of the rule states "If a demoralized unit begins any phase more than 24" from, or without line of sight to the Demoralizer, the unit is no longer demoralized"***
- 1.1 In the above scenario, on the next movement phase, if Unit B moves first when would it trigger a new Demoralizer check?

2. Unit A has Demoralizer and moves within 6" of Units B and C and has both in LOS.  B and C must immediately roll for the Demoralizer check, yes?
***I ruled yes.  The player controlling Unit B and C was saying that THEY didn't come within 6" of Unit A and was reading the sentence "Every enemy unit that comes within 6" of a unit using this SPA must roll 2D6." as Unit B and C needed to be the mechs moving into the 6" range for Demoralizer to trigger***

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Re: Demoralizer Rule Questions
« Reply #1 on: 19 May 2022, 15:16:19 »
Best place to post this would be the Alpha Strike subforum of the Rules Questions forum.  Maybe a mod can move it for you, but I'd just repost there if you want someone to help with it.