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Author Topic: ATMO Special rule  (Read 608 times)

Louie N

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ATMO Special rule
« on: 14 August 2021, 14:10:55 »

I am trying to find the wording for the "ATMO" special rule.  I think it just means a flying vehicle but I wish to read the text. Which book and section would it be in. 

Thank you


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Re: ATMO Special rule
« Reply #1 on: 14 August 2021, 14:29:33 »
ATMO is for Atmospheric Only, and SPC for Spaceflight-Capable.  Neither are used, and therefore not mentioned, in Alpha Strike Commander's Edition.
Alpha Strike Companion had space combat rules and defined both of those there (p89). They were also defined in Strategic Operations for BattleForce (prior to current split of the book) on p345 and p353.
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