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Author Topic: Aerospace Altitude Table  (Read 276 times)


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Aerospace Altitude Table
« on: 25 August 2021, 00:22:11 »

I've really been getting into the Commander edition Aerospace rules. My first use of them involved two Shilones (no miniature yet). They failed their 6+ control rolls and crashed after dive bombing each other's light ground units to dust :D.

I think the types of Altitudes should get their own table, or at least have the paragraph be placed under an "Altitude" subheading and have an Index entry. I've been looking them up a lot while trying out the rules. They're really important for ensuring non-target ground units are in the long range bracket.

I've been having to associate their location with the start of the Aerospace section, then finding the paragraph in the Aerospace Movement section. I think they're important enough to even put a copy of the table in the Appendix. Though it does look like that part of the Appendix (pg.200-201) would be a pain to reorganize for this.