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Author Topic: Ground-Hugger SPA  (Read 543 times)


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Ground-Hugger SPA
« on: 26 May 2022, 14:17:08 »
I'm reading the Ground-Hugger SPA and it says a unit can do a "double strike" attack.

Does that apply to VTOLs? I assume not, but this could use clarification.

Also, does the 2nd target need to be different than the first or can I use them both on a single target?


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Re: Ground-Hugger SPA
« Reply #1 on: 26 May 2022, 22:22:06 »
In Campaign Operations 1st printing:
Unit Type: VTOLs (combat and support), Fighters (aerospace
and conventional), Small Craft

The copy of AS Companion I have says the same.

In either case it does not say it cant be the same target for the strike. I dont know if this has changed in recent errata


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Re: Ground-Hugger SPA
« Reply #2 on: 31 May 2022, 09:29:23 »
Print 3.1 of AS:CE says that VTOLs can have the SPA.

I'm assuming this is because in advanced, optional rules VTOLs can perform strafing attacks, which is something that the SPA modifies.

Rules-as-written in printing 3.1 does not seem to indicate that you cannot attack the same target twice with the two strike attacks, but I would also argue that it's a good way to lose friends at the gaming table and may not be the intent.

I also cannot find errata that says otherwise or previously answered question in the Rules Question area for Alpha Strike.


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Re: Ground-Hugger SPA
« Reply #3 on: 31 May 2022, 10:46:07 »
4th Printing of ASCE is the same. Page 173 has the optional rules for VTOL Special Attacks. These rules would be used to resolve the "Double Strike" attack from the Ground-Hugger SPA.
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