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Author Topic: Homerule Suggestions for injuries needed  (Read 750 times)


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Homerule Suggestions for injuries needed
« on: 12 November 2021, 14:19:51 »
I'm planning a campaign and we are interested in making personnel injurable or killable (both sides will be bringing set amount of reserves; we are still working out the particulars).  I'm thinking of doing a simple post match die roll similar to deciding if something salvageable, but with a middle range for determining an injury.. Does any one have any thoughts on that, or maybe another suggestion?


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Re: Homerule Suggestions for injuries needed
« Reply #1 on: 12 November 2021, 21:49:09 »
There are some rules in Campaign Operations (I think) that help you determine salvage and potential injuries that can be used for Alpha Strike as easily as classic. IMO the recovery periods for injuries are a little too forgiving. We also imposed some additional modifiers for voluntarily ejecting as opposed to auto-ejecting. We had some pilots survive ejection only to die of accumulated injuries. We kept track of injuries and during the course of our long campaign, if a pilot had suffered repeated injuries, it increased the chances that he or she would retire or take an administrative job rather than continue going into the field. All this can be done with simple die rolls, nothing special.


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Re: Homerule Suggestions for injuries needed
« Reply #2 on: 14 November 2021, 15:37:30 »
The way I am doing it in my Jade Falcon Corridor Campaign is to require a Pilot roll higher than the pilot skill in the case of auto-ejection.  In the case of a critical hit kill, such as ammo explosion or instant mech destruction, I am not even allowing a roll. 

Of course this is a campaign where the pilots are randomly rolled up, and if lost, another one is rolled up from the same campaign rules set, so you might even get a better pilot than you lost.


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Re: Homerule Suggestions for injuries needed
« Reply #3 on: 18 November 2021, 22:11:00 »
I would say that landing the Unit Destroyed crit while there's still armor counts as the head being destroyed, so it's instant death for the pilot.  On a ground vehicle, the cockpit takes catastrophic damage and a d6 is rolled to find out how many crew members are killed.  Survivors are automatically injured.
If the unit's down to its Structure and suffers Unit Destroyed, roll 2d6.  10+ is head / cockpit destruction, 9 or less is emergency reactor shutdown.


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Re: Homerule Suggestions for injuries needed
« Reply #4 on: 19 November 2021, 04:07:56 »
So for mechwarriors, the ATB fan-made injury system works for me, though I modify the die rolls to be closer to btech.
For each point of MW damage:
Roll location (6 becomes chest, 7 becomes head, 8 becomes abdomen, otherwise standard btech rolls.)  This is mostly for descriptive purposes.
Roll to see if each point is a critical (8+ like normal), on a crit it counts as 2 wounds to the location.  2 and 12 make additional crit roll as normal since I am trying to mimic btech.

1 damage to location=flesh wound
2 damage=sprain/concussion/broken rib/bruised kidney
3 damage=broken bone/internal bleed
4 damage=location disabled until replacement limb/long term physical therapy
5+ damage=location permanently disabled/crippled.  Head wounds prevent piloting.  Missing an arm or leg makes things very hard.  Permanent chest/abdomen wounds greatly reduce your endurance (darth vader style mechanical ventilator perhaps?)

So if you take 4 damage, you would roll 4 locations.
I just rolled 9, 7, 9, 7.  So 2 hits to the head, 2 to the left leg (unlucky location rolls for this poor guy)
For crit rolls, I rolled a 9, 7, 5, 5.  So the left leg takes 3 total wounds, and the head takes two.  So this mechwarrior suffers from a concussion and a broken right leg.
Recovery time with treatment is the total number of wounds squared--thus the example above took 4 wounds, so is out for 16 days getting a plate and screws in his leg to fix the break.

I allow an otherwise dead pilot (6 hits) to recover as long as my player has a medivac/mash surgical vehicle.  So the 3.5 ton MASH bay with 1 theater can save a pilot if they are quick enough, though with 6 wounds (plus all the critical damage they might roll) they will be out for a long time, or may never pilot a mech again like Greyson from the GDL.  If you dont have enough MASH units, you have to start triage deciding who you save.  MASH is one of those alpha strike unit specials you dont see much, so its good to give it some use.

Since you are using alpha strike, if the crit says UNIT DESTROYED (crit roll 12) treat it as 6 btech hits (dead unless you brought MASH), if it is Ammo (Crit roll 2) add 2 hits.  Then make an ejection skill roll, which is skill+6.  If you fail this roll, take 1 damage for each 2 you failed by (+2 if you suffered an ammo crit).  Thus your skill 4 pilot's mech in alpha strike is destroyed to damage (no ammo or head crit), and makes an ejection roll with a target of 10 for falling then ejecting.  He rolls an 8, and takes 1 damage escaping his fallen machine.
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Re: Homerule Suggestions for injuries needed
« Reply #5 on: 19 November 2021, 12:20:22 »
Campaign Operations does address healing, but appears to have (at least) two different ways of handling it. I may bring up the apparent discrepancy in healing times as a rules question. If I read it correctly, the Chaos Campaign rules essentially require one month per hit (plus payment of SP) for healing. The repair/salvage/etc. rules allow medical teams to heal one hit per day.