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Author Topic: Jade Falcon Corridor Campaign -- Butler III AAR  (Read 483 times)


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Jade Falcon Corridor Campaign -- Butler III AAR
« on: 27 February 2022, 19:52:08 »
After being kicked off their home world, the survivors of the elite Winfield's Regiment was reduced to less than a company.  However they teamed with the local militia forces to try to assault the Clan Jade Falcon in their drop zone.

However this tactic had also failed back on Winfield.  Although they knew a lot more about the Jade Falcon capabilities this time around, Winfield's Regiment was greatly depleted in numbers.  So Winfield tried something different.  He strode forward in his Atlas and challenged the leader of the Jade Falcons to a duel.  Because of the skilled and honorable defense of Winfield, the Jade Falcon commander accepted.  The fate of the planet hung in the balance as two titans, one in an Atlas, the other in a Dire Wolf, exchanged blows like a heavyweight boxers.  Although he scored a critical hit, Winfield's Atlas dropped first.

This caused an unexpected paroxysm of carnage from Winfield's loyal men.  They savagely attacked the Jade Falcons who were clearly caught off guard (they won initiative only twice the entire game.)

The battle saw the planetary defenders pick ruthlessly on the Clan Elementals.  Two Stars were present, but they were methodically blasted with LRM, lasers, even AC 20's.  (The objective of the defenders was to prioritize the Elementals, due to Winfield's disastrous experience with them on their home planet.)  Although very hard to hit, the Elementals took it on the chin, early and often.

This was because the scenario objective for Winfield was to destroy the Elementals, whom they saw as the decisive arm of the Clans that had to be destroyed first.   The Jade Falcon players did not know this when the game started.......

They fought back hard, and the clan mech pilots were puzzled but happy not to be the primary targets for once.  They dished out some hot damage at long range, but had their share of misses as well.  I tried out a tactic of holding some tanks and hovers back as a "force in being".  This, combined with terrible clan initiative results, did impact Falcon strategy.

While the vehicles skirmished, the Inner Sphere pushed up three heavies and a lance of missile boats.  All Veterans -- or better.  They rolled as hot as a Texas panhandle in summer and dished out a ton of damage. 

The road column on the far flank did well, fixing and killing several stands of Elementals, but could not last against Clan mechs.

In the end one Clan Star was down to just one mech (the heavy Inner Sphere mechs plus heavy tanks doing extremely well), which itself was into structure and might have taken a critical from the dreaded SRM carriers, not sure.  But he was in full retreat.   The other Clan Star on the other hand, managed to kill the tank offensive, and then tear up the medium missile mechs that were bedeviling him.  Once that was done the Inner Sphere heavies didn't have enough hit points in the tank to keep going, but they did take a Puma with them on the last turn.    We were tabled at around 8pm.   The scenario objective of killing the Elementals was accomplished and the Inner Sphere managed to down half the omnimechs as well.  Sadly that cost the Inner Sphere yet another elite unit, with their surviving pilots now in the hands of the Jade Falcons. 

Despite that, this goes down as an Inner Sphere victory.  They accomplished their objective and a whole lot more!