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Author Topic: Jade Falcon Corridor Campaign -- Infantry Strike (Leskovik Refinery Complex)  (Read 639 times)


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Infantry Strike returns, this time larger than ever.  For the first time we fielded laser armed Elementals, and we also tripled the size of the forces!  Where previously a player might be running as little as a single Elemental, this time we had three points of them!  We also had a full lance of Inner Sphere Mechs on the table.

The mission for the Elementals was to essentially kill everything -- not the Inner Sphere infantry, but the hard targets, the mechs and tank park, of course, but they also were ordered to knock out the generators in every building behind the defensive wire, which included at least one Elemental entering each building, as well as the more visible mechanisms.

The defenders felt pretty good about their chances.  Here you see a Phoenix Hawk, a Scorpion, and some of the tank park.

The buildings are swarming with infantry as well.  Some were militia, but there were a solid core of regular troops as well.

Off map, a Thor, an Uller, and, and Loki prowled.  The Loki didn't have effective weaponry against the dug in infantry, and was on a mission to hunt the mechs anyway.  The other two clan omnimechs were willing to support the Elementals with a few LRM strikes, but they were also primarily interested in the glory of mech hunting.   The tanks in the Inner Sphere tank park were not in operation at the start of the scenario, but their presence was quite ominous, and everyone was asking when they would roll to get into the game. 

The Elementals were briefly delayed on the left flank by screening militia forces, but the militia had no real chance of defeating Power armored elites.  They did cause a clear break in the attack line, however.  One point of Elementals was delayed by several turns mopping up, while the far flank raced ahead.  The center Elemental point tried to keep the line (now diagonal) together, and support both.

There was quite a bit of sneaky attacking from the Inner Sphere, as the terrain was so dense that the Clan players literally could not find each and every model until after they had moved.  However it just did not matter in many cases.

On the right flank, with nothing to slow them down, the Elemental player hurdled his forces over the electrified fence (useless against an opponent that can jump!) and into the tank park, determined to prevent the tanks from getting into the game at all costs.  At the same time the one sided effort of the Clan omnimechs finished three of the four Inner Sphere mechs.  We tracked the Omnimech line of sight by just moving a marker around the table edges, to represent where the mech was sighting in from.  Worked rather well.

Although the Inner Sphere mechs had some successes, including an SRM attack, and a direct hit with a medium laser, they failed to greatly impact the flow of the engagement before they were all but defeated.  The Scorpion took two Fire Control critical hits, and that was more or less how the game went for the Inner Sphere mech player.   This allowed the Elemental point leading the charge to wreck half the tank park.  At that point the Inner Sphere unleashed their reserves, which was two sections of militia and a section of Jump Troopers that they had held back. 

Things quickly got out of hand.  The infantry that had just been deployed out of the main building was taken under LRM fire, and savaged as they tried to deploy.  The Elemental point seized the opportunity to ignore the infantry and finish the tanks off, before any got into the the game.

But there were now a LOT of infantry in the area, some Veteran, and some were not suppressed.   But then the Elementals, who had been relying on physical attacks (to get the AM critical hits) accidentally detonated the ammunition in one of the tanks.  The explosion rocked both sides, destroying the Elemental who had set off the ammunition, as well as some, but not all of the Inner Sphere infantry.  This, combined with the fact that the lead point had been ignoring the threat of the Inner Sphere infantry in favor of moving fast and accomplishing their objectives, started taking serious casualties.

Meanwhile, the laser armed Elementals (in Red) had been working methodically, reducing enemy strongpoints along the way to the objectives, and was multiple feet away from the lead attackers.

The center point, slowed down by engaging the Inner Sphere mechs, struggled to support both flanks, one of which was clearing resistance as it went, the other barrelling forward regardless of defenders.  It eventually sat down in the ruins of the Inner Sphere lance and engaged any and all targets on all sides, trying to cover the flank points very different efforts to achieve their objectives.

Although it took incredible casualties, the lead Elemental point was able to accomplish roughly 80% of the objectives. 

Finally, the more methodical point managed to get onto their flank's objectives, and also blew the generators in the large buildings.  The site was dead.  The Clan had won.

In the end, half the Elementals were killed, and many others were shattered.  One limped away with just 1 structure point!  However the laser focus of the lead Elemental player caught the Inner Sphere off guard, and they had trouble managing their numbers at times.  There were something like 30 Inner Sphere infantry backed by four mechs, and three sections of infantry were recycled as reserves.   Area of effect and suppressive fire weapons also continued to frustrate the Inner Sphere attempts to mass enough firepower to take down an Elemental. 

In addition to tripling the number of Elementals from what we had ever fielded, they also went into this conflict fresh, with full SRM racks, AND they had very strong off map support (at least until the Inner Sphere lance was defeated).  This combined to a brutal threat that was able to shock the conventional infantry and have their way with them, despite some impressive heroic last stands. 

It was a fun game, and everyone enjoyed the spectacle!


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That looks fantastic!