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Author Topic: Jade Falcon Corridor Campaign -- opening Salvo  (Read 249 times)


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Jade Falcon Corridor Campaign -- opening Salvo
« on: 23 September 2021, 16:58:33 »
So with the Kickstarter I decided to run a "historical" campaign following the Jade Falcon warriors as they Invade their way into the Inner Sphere.  This got put on hold, big time.  First the massive Kickstarter delays, then Covid.

However, the name of the operation is "Revival" after all, so we finally got started!  :D   

The first mission was actually a challenge.  I mean a clan challenge to a trial.   Clan Steel Viper had issued a Trial of Possession against a production run of Summoners, as well as much needed supplies for the invasion.  No one took the pretext seriously, but blood was hot in clan space, and the two trials were merged into a single battle.  This would be where our Jade Falcon players would vie for glory and rank in the coming Invasion. 

On a barren landscape used for Trials by the Jade Falcon, 20 mechs came together for the ritualized Trial of Possession.  The event was conducted under the keen auspices of local judges (safely in their bunker on the hill top), as well as gun camera and drone footage.   Despite the scrupulously equal tonnage, the smart money was on Jade Falcon to triumph, but many side bets were made in Clan bars.  How many pilots would die?  How many mechs would go down on each side? Who would earn the most glory?

From the opening buzzer, it was clear that something was off.  The open comms channel which was used for issuing personal challenges was surprisingly silent on the Steel Viper side.   While the Jade Falcon pilots were boasting and challenging, they were frequently met with merely "Aff", and then a long stretch of radio silence from the Steel Vipers.  Some warriors agreed to meet in honorable combat, but all mechs moved forward relentlessly. Curiously, a Steel Viper mech opened fire at a Jade Falcon mech when neither were in a duel.

After this, the Jade Falcons challenged less as well, but the two forces moved into effective combat range, with less than half of the forces committed to an honorable duel.  Then the Steel Vipers struck.  The heavy Star uncorked all weapons at a Jade Falcon mechwarrior distracted by a duel.  Amazingly, they all missed or hit for minimal damage (we use variable damage).  Bars around Clan space erupted as the winners of the "Will Steel Viper cheat?" betting pools moved to collect.

A voice blared on comms, the judges declaring that Zellbringen had been forfeited.  Furious, the Jade Falcon mechs unleashed a salvo of precisely aimed gunnery into the stunned Steel Viper mech warriors.Fighting in a somewhat un-Clannish mass melee, it was hard to tell who contributed to which kill the most, with all the laser, PPC, and missiles shooting chaotically across the valley.

Although the survivors of the brutal Falcon onslaught rallied,and then hung on grimly, the reality was they had lost half their force in two turns, and not downed a single Jade Falcon mech!  On the verge of being completely dishonored, a Steel Viper pilot finally saved the shutout, and took down a crippled and overheating Hellbringer.  They were then slaughtered to a mech.  The leader of the Steel Vipers died in his mech.  Some say he could have ejected, but couldn't live with the shame.......

Afterwards Steel Viper Mechwarrior Mansir was interviewed by the press on what had happened.  "We just didn't cheat well enough.", was the sage reply.

Some mechs in action.  I encourage players to bring their own, whenever possible:

There was a lot of backstabbing thanks to two Fire Moths.

Jade Falcon!

This is merely the first of many victories for the Jade Falcons! 


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Re: Jade Falcon Corridor Campaign -- opening Salvo
« Reply #1 on: 23 September 2021, 17:25:51 »
There was a lot of backstabbing thanks to two Fire Moths.

Then those MechWarriors are doing it right!

Great looking game, and you did address the problem of doing Zellbringen in Alpha Strike (just can't see how to make it work and be fun, myself.)
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Re: Jade Falcon Corridor Campaign -- opening Salvo
« Reply #2 on: 23 September 2021, 18:09:55 »
I used these rules for Zellbringen.  Important to note that the point of whole campaign from the point of view of the players, is to accumulate as much glory as possible before they die. 


Rules for the Honorable duel.  This may take place within a trial, on the battlefield, or anywhere agreed to. 

Impromptu (battlefield) challenges between individual warriors are resolved in initiative order.  The winner of initiative picks a mech and makes the challenge.  Whether this is accepted or refused, the loser of the initiative then picks a mech and issues another challenge.  Only five challenges may be issued per turn (total, 3 for one side, 2 for the other).   There is only so much time on a shared open comm per turn.

Bidding is allowed, and may involve giving up weapons, either in a range band, or across all three, and/or giving up jump capability, AMS, or any other special on the sheet.  (For example you might give up AC 2, rendering you unable to fire special ammunition, as well as just give up 2 weapons damage at all ranges the AC can reach.)  Bidding is commonly done to even the odds against a smaller mech, enticing the opponent to accept the duel.   Note that in a trial, bidding has already been completed.

A lower size mech may honorably refuse the challenge from a higher tonnage mech.  Challenges from equals or against a larger mech are not refusable, unless the mech warrior gives up 1 Glory, or has some priority clan business that prevents an immediate acceptance, like an ongoing military action.  In that case you simply put off the challenge until the mission or crisis is over.

Victory gains the Mechwarrior 1 glory per size of the defeated mech, but -1 glory (minimum of 1) if the defeated mech was smaller.  You gain  +1 glory if you defeat a larger sized mech. 

Forced Withdrawal rules are in effect (Clans do not like to waste resources like Omnimechs).   A mechwarrior that puts his opponent into Forced Withdrawal may grant Hegira.  In this case the defeated mech is honorably removed from the board, and the winner gains the glory.   If Hegira is not granted, then the pilot in Forced Withdrawal is expected to execute a fighting withdrawal, all guns blazing.

Once a challenge has been accepted, it is considered poor form to either leave the 42” range band, or break LoS completely “too often”.  In Alpha Strike terms this is defined as once each.  After that your pilot risks losing honor, depending on who is watching.  It is perfectly acceptable to exploit an opponent’s lack of long range weaponry by staying at the long range band, or his poor accuracy by sticking to cover.  Any turn there is no shooting at all during a duel will be subject to review.

Also, I will be added  a clause relating to "must do the damage" to get Glory.  Finishing off a too-wounded foe or kill stealing is NOT the Falcon way.  Important clarifications will be coming in from High Command this week, as the "how" war is wages is just as important as the victory.