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Author Topic: Jade Falcon Corridor Campaign -- Wotan AAR  (Read 419 times)


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Jade Falcon Corridor Campaign -- Wotan AAR
« on: 27 February 2022, 20:17:52 »
Seeking to engage the Jade Falcon forces as they traverse a wooded area, the 12th Star Guard made a concerted attempt at destroying the powerful, long ranged mechs that represented the most impressive portion of Clan superiority.  The reasoning was that a fluid battle in dense terrain would allow the Star Guard to concentrate their firepower at effective range, bypass the screening mechs, and defeat the Fire Lance that was unapproachable in open terrain.

For the Falcons, it was Tuesday.

The meeting engagement was a welcome chance to earn glory on the way from one objective to another, and the Falcons cheerfully took on the Star Guard counter offensive.

True ambush was right out, due to the screening Star having multiple advanced electronic suites that the Inner Sphere could not match.  This would be a mobile engagement.

The battle involved extensive skirmishing, with both sides maneuvering around the board in unpredictable ways.  The Jade Falcons dominated the center crossroads, while the Inner Sphere sought to isolate mechs on the flanks when they could.  They were continually frustrated by the Anti Missile Systems on a couple of Falcon mechs, and damage was literally halved to a Nova throughout the course of the game.  An early rush by an Arctic Cheetah required multiple mechs to deal with, including the Zues, who was the heavy hitter for the Star Guard.

The Wotan militia, despite being an inept skill 6 with no Lance SPAs, somehow put in a credible performance.  Scorpion tanks scored a number of hits against the vastly superior omnimechs before finally being wiped out.  The Ontos and SRM Carriers were dangerous due to sheer volume of shots, and scored occasional hits.  Sometimes even two of them!

But the Jade Falcons took the maneuver warfare in stride and exploited the terrain that was supposed to be arranged against them.   For a while the Inner Sphere mechs teetered on the edge of destruction, as each Jade Falcon pilot stayed true to Zell, and dueled down his chosen opponent. Then in a flash a 12 and a pair of snake eyes were rolled for critical hits, and an Ontos, a Griffin, and a Shadow Hawk all detonated. 

Up until then the 12th Star Guard was reasonably working the field, downing several screening omnimechs, but critically for the scenario, NOT their objective mechs.

A final push against a hill stronghold of the Falcons yielded only tears....and the stubbornly hard to kill Nova -- the only objective mech to go down.

In the end, the Clan lost I believe four omnimechs, but won the game 11-2.   Unlike the game where the Inner Sphere victory conditions were to kill specific units (the Elementals), this time around they just couldn't get the job done.  Much glory was earned by the Clan pilots as well. 

The Star Guard cease to exist after Wotan is occupied, being brutally sacrificed to buy time for the Federated Commonwealth.