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Author Topic: LRM special ability  (Read 417 times)


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LRM special ability
« on: 04 May 2022, 05:35:24 »
I'm a bit confused by the calculation.
I'm comparing versions CRD-3R and CRD-3D of the Crusader.
Both come with twin LRM 15, but only the 3D variant gets the LRM 1/1/1 special ability.
For PV calculations, each LRM 15 has a 0.9 damage value at medium range, which gets reduced to 0.75x because of low ammo (only 8 shots each).
That's 0.675 damage x 2 = 1.35 damage.
However both units are heat inefficient, with the 3R having a 10/22 correction factor while the 3D fares significantly better with a 14/20.
That brings the LRM contributions to damage to 0.59 and 0.91, respectively.
None of them would be enough to get the special ability, for which it is explicitely stated that the unit should be "capable of delivering 1 or more points of damage at Medium range after heat-modification and before final damage value rounding".
My explanation then is that for the purpose of the LRM special you should not take into account the low ammo reduction. Am I correct?
That would not have been obvious to me by reading the rules, as I would have assumed that the low ammo reduction is inherent in the damage value which is evaluated also for the purpose of the LRM special ability.

The IF value for example is the same for the two variants because at long range both are efficient; however, to be 1 and not 2, it would seem that in this case the ammo reduction is applied. It is not clear to me why you don't apply it for the LRM special.  ???


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Re: LRM special ability
« Reply #1 on: 04 May 2022, 06:42:44 »
Hello Gwaedin, and welcome to the crazy world of AS conversions.
Yes, you use low ammo and heat adjustment before evaluating for special abilities.

"That brings the LRM contributions to damage to 0.59 and 0.91, respectively."
LRM-15 x2 = .9 * 2 = 1.8
1.8 x .75 (for low ammo) = 1.35. 
All good to here.
1.35 * 14 heat sinks = 18.9 / (24 heat build up -4 ) = 0.945.
I get a slightly different result there.  But it's not that significant because of the next rule.

ASC p115. "This final value is rounded up to the nearest tenth place to produce the unit’s heat modified damage at that range."
So the 0.59 is rounded up to 0.6 to become the heat modified LRM damage of the CRD-3R at medium (and long) range. And the 0.945 (or 0.91) is rounded up to 1.0 to become the heat modified LRM damage of the CRD-3D at medium (and long) range.  Thus the CRD-3D qualifies (1 or more damage) while the CRD-3R does not.
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