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Author Topic: Mercenaries compatible with Commanders edtion?  (Read 643 times)


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Mercenaries compatible with Commanders edtion?
« on: 05 January 2022, 01:03:27 »
Is the Field Manual:Mercenaries Combat Manual: Mercenaries book compatible with the commanders edition rules? I'm thinking about upgrading and trying to maybe run some games where a Friend and I throw own own Merc groups against each other .
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Re: Mercenaries compatible with Commanders edtion?
« Reply #1 on: 05 January 2022, 09:02:54 »
Combat Manual: Mercenaries is compatible with the Commander's Edition.  In some cases, material from it (special command abilities or AS stats) would be superseded by either the AS:CE rulebook or the Master Unit List (  The Point Values, for example, would be outdated.  But it's all compatible.

Field Manual: Mercenaries predates Alpha Strike completely.  Background wise it's still a great resource for an Alpha Strike player, but rules-wise it's going to have a lot of incompatibilities that you'd need to ignore/house rule.  Anything about piloting skill checks, walking versus running, firing individual weapons, etc are all going to have no direct application to Alpha Strike.
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