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Author Topic: MHQ question  (Read 1959 times)


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MHQ question
« on: 01 September 2013, 15:53:57 »
I don't have the current rules for AS but I was wondering if there was a cost adjustment to the unit if it had the MHQ# ability?   For that matter is the cost adjustment for C3's figured in to the unit as well?


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Re: MHQ question
« Reply #1 on: 01 September 2013, 17:37:22 »
C3 is still added ontop if the connection is used. though there is now a cap, so that taking a lot of C3 units doesn't exponentially keep growing in cost..
i beleive the MHQ ability is an automatic for certain types of gear, and should thus be represented in the BV already.

(not a dev, but i did stay at a holiday inn expre... i mean, i do have the Alpha Strike PDF.)


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Re: MHQ question
« Reply #2 on: 02 September 2013, 05:57:13 »
Someone may correct me on this, but i think not all items that give the MHQ ability have a BV cost. I'm thinking of C3 slaves and C3i computers, which have a BV (and thus PV) cost of 0 if they aren't linked to a network, and yet grant MHQ1 and MHQ2 respectively.